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"My horses went to a new farm."

Translation:Mis caballos fueron a una granja nueva.

1 month ago



A farm upstate?

1 month ago


Why didn't they accept my answer when it was correct? The horses went to a NEW farm, not just to A farm, right?

1 month ago

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En is for on or at the farm (some even say in the farm...) a is for going TO the farm which is what is required here. Perhaps you misinterpreted fueron as were, past tense of ser (to be) instead of went, past tense of ir (to go). But of course it can't be the former as never use ser for location, has to be estar, so must be went.

3 weeks ago

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So when using "en" and when using "a"? Why not "en una granjera" rather than "a una granjera"

4 weeks ago