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"Grandfather and I are walking together."

Translation:दादा और मैं साथ में चल रहे हैं ।

August 11, 2018



Can anyone explain what में is doing here? Thanks if so!


It's part of " साथ में " which collectively means "together" or "with". Hope that helps.


It does - thank you!

Have I sometimes seen other constructions of साथ, such as के साथ? How do you decide when to use के साथ versus साथ में ?

Thanks again!


Using "ke sath" would mean "grandfather is walking with me", as opposed to "sath mein", which means "grandfather and i are walking together".


That makes perfect sense, you're the best, thanks!


Why did it accept my answer without में between सथ and चल? Shouldn't it make a difference in the sentence's meaning if I forgot to put it in?


As far as I am aware, it does not actually make a difference in some cases, this being one of them. Sorry I don't really have an explaination for why that is so.

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