volume control?

The sounds on Duolingo are set really high for my system compared to anything else (wmp, youtube, etc). Is there any volume control or way to lower the volume?

March 29, 2013


It would be cool to have a volume control here. I use duolingo on multiple computers both with speakers and headphones and I have this problem on all of them: the sound is too loud and that leaves me only with imperfect solutions (like to lower the volume for everything else there is... ). The sound is definitely too loud.

I have a work-around. Here's what I do.

I use another browser specifically for Duoling (In my case I used Microsoft Edge for Duolingo and Chrome for my background apps audio/video). In order to do this I have to use a third-party volume mixer in order to control the sounds of different applications. For this I use an app called Ear Trumpet. The reason why the third-party software is necessary is that windows doesn't separate Edge and Internet Explorer from standard system sounds, so you can't adjust them individually.

If you're using IE or Microsoft Edge as your primary browser you can adjust the volume of Chrome or Firefox in the standard volume control located on the bottom right side of your screen on the taskbar.

I hope this helps.

..or duolingo could send us all pillows what we could put on the speakers while using duolingo.. :D

Good idea. Dmo's workaround may work, but it seems like a lot of work. I'd rather fiddle with my over-sensitive volume knob until it behaves properly. Or, I could take a leaf from your book Krampampuli and throw my speakers out the window :)

I seriously wish they'd fix this.

I have the same problem

When I have earphones in the computer, sound is too loud. I have total minimum on windows basic mixer. I cannot put it less. Still it is quite loud... what can i do?

Way too loud, that cannot be argued with. It would be nice to have a volume control in the software.

The same problem is still here, even with the lowest volume level on the mixer above muted it's too loud.. :(

I am surprised this problem has not been addressed. I stopped using the site months ago because the volume was simply too loud. Surely it's not a difficult issue to fix.

my frustration with this issue is definitely making me think about serching for other language learning sites and/or trying rosetta stone instead. can't believe I'm seeing years-old posts about this and they still haven't created a volume control!

Hey Folks, Still no solution? Please Duolingo, i know your AWESOME system is free, but there has to be some shortcut? I have tried alot of combinations :D

As a new user, I'm discovering the same problem as mufxmuf. I can't get the sound any lower.

Volume control is a must, it's ridiculous that Duolingo doesn't have it.

How is this still a problem 4 years later. I would like to practice with Duolingo - with the sound on, while doing other things at work. But I can't adjust the volume to it YELLING without making everything else completely inaudible (by turning down the whole system's volume). Ridiculous

This is 5 years old? And still a problem. Any update on this issue?

This was the reason I stopped using Duolingo over 2 years ago, and I will not be using it again until this very simple feature is added. As a software engineer, I know how simple such a feature would be. I also know it will not be prioritized unless it becomes a serious issue for more than 68 users. Please share this post and encourage others to chime in.

Please allow volume control for duolingo. Google specifically said they won't be adding functionality for individual tab volume control because it should be the responsibility of the website ( While there is the option to enable muting tabs (chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting), this doesn't help this situation.

I've also had this problem of the sound being loud compared to other websites. I can use the mixer to adjust the browser/plugin down, but then it applies to other sites I view with the same browser/plugin and I still have to adjust it up and down. A volume control in the settings would be much appreciated!

Volume was good for me for several months, then suddenly jumped way too loud after I rebooted one time. Guessing that was related, I restarted my machine while duolingo was open in Firefox, and while the osx volume was set at about 30% level. After the restart, duolingo volume was once again good. Kind of a pain, and a volume control would be great, but this seemed to work for me (crosses fingers it will stay this way).

I always use duolingo on my android phone, usually while multi-tasking something else (stationary bike, etc.) and find that with the last update, the volume is way too low. My phone's a top volume. Any way to increase the volume within the app?

Totally agree with all these comments. Needs to be fixed.

Want to add my voice to this discussion too, one more vote for volume control, however rudimentary and limited, if possible, is much appreciated.

I would love this feature as well!

How about fixing this? Is duolingo really that lazy

Everyone's Duolingo too loud, I'm trying to multi task but Duolingo is being too loud and over shadowing over the music.


This is ridiculous. Give us volume control.

This feature would be so useful in environments such as libraries where the kiosk mode of a terminal is enabled, locking users out from the control panel and rendering the system volume controls inaccessible. In this environment, the only way to control audio volume is to use a separate control within a web site, YouTube being an example, as other users have pointed out.

Disappointing to see that this was posted 4 years ago and has not been addressed.

Please consider implementing an audio level control directly into the website.

I can work around this issue by using a different Browser for Duolingo only and forcing the volume of that Browser to be at ~20% volume. This really shouldn't be necessary though.

I have this issue too, really annoying. Its unbelievable that, it still isnt fixed after FIVE years!

I also find the volume to be too loud when using duolingo on my computer. I use the latest version of Chrome. I usually use duolingo while watching a video in another window (Hulu, etc). Duolingo is always too loud in comparison. Even when the video is at the highest volume and the computer volume is reduced, it is still too loud. Volume control within the site would be most helpful. Thank you.

Dear Duolingo, Please address this issue. Thank you

Hey Guys. I found this workaround which is very simple and works for me. I use this app called volume manager for google chrome. After you download it, exit chrome and re-enter to check if it is working for you or not. for me it worked :). And you can also control volume for different tabs which is great. good luck

I haven't tried this app, but we shouldn't be required to use 3rd party apps to control volume. This is the responsibility of Duolingo.

I did something similar to this. Chrome is my primary browser. Now I just use Duolingo in Firefox, then, I open Volume Mixer and decrease the sound for Firefox. This way I can control Duolingo's sound without bothering any other apps or systems sounds. I do hope they fix this. It's very obnoxious to have a voice yelling at you while you're trying to learn.

Lol, it's been five years already

Still an issue in 2019. You are a language course. Audio IS a major priority, so fix it.

7/15/19 :) I know this isn't a top priority but it would be nice to have a volume control, please

My ears are getting blasted, this is awful.

Apparently this is still an issue..? At least I can't seem to find volume control anywhere.. I'd love to hear my music but decrease the Duolingo sounds! PLEASE FIX THIS ALREADY

A userscript that adds a volume control option to the settings page.

I would really appreciate that feature. It's like a bad commercial-level loud.

There is a userscript that adds this feature.

Just trying to bring this issue back to the forefront. I cannot have music on in the background through youtube because the sound of duolingo is so loud that it sounds like a german person is shouting over it.

Reminds me of Rammstein :)

I have found that the volume starts off fine, but during a lesson it randomly JUMPS UP very high. The more I turn the system volume down the more it seems to fight back!

I just started with Spanish today, but if the sound can't be softened I will find another way to learn. The prognosis isn't good when the issue is still here after four years.

my volume just died, or is very stuttery..... i am so upset...

7 August 2017, and the volume is still too high. Please address this Duo staff.

I have my Mac set to 1/4 of one volume bar, and my Bluetooth headphones set to their lowest volume, and it's still uncomfortably loud.

People have been begging for a volume control for 5 years now DL. How about a little volume control?

Is this ever going to be fixed? I started Duolingo up and practically blew out my TV speakers.

[deactivated user]

    You can do Duolingo on your TV? That's cool. How do you do that?

    I know how annoying this is, because I am attempting to listen to music while doing duolingo and i think that it would be a challenge to absolutely turn off the volume so that I wouldn't get any hints, but I searched the whole settings. IT JUST WON"T SHOW UP!

    Wait! I think I figured out a way to shut off the sounds on Duolingo. Go to settings, onto the first one, "Account Settings." Then, switch off the microphone, speaker, or sound effects according to your choice. It is under the username and email options.

    This is not the issue. The problem is that when the sound is not muted, you cannot control the volume.

    I've been trying to figure out this extremely loud volume forever. Did anyone here find a fix?

    I find the speaking is much quieter than the sound effects. Usually mute after solving each lesson as the sound effects are BLASTING.

    This is precisely the problem I've been having. Either the fanfares are reasonable but I can't hear the speaking or the speaking is audible but I'm deafened by the fanfares. This is not a choice users should have to make.

    Same issue I have too. The trumpet sound upon completing a lesson is WAY TOO LOUD!

    Still a big issue.

    If you're on Chrome the app Volume Master is a manageable substitute for one.

    Though Duolingo should definitely still have their own.

    6 friggin' years! Darn. I just gave out over 50 lingots over this issue...for whatever that's worth :(

    Some of these comments were date 6years ago or so! Do we know if a solution has been reached. As for me, I listen to classical music while on Duolingo. So what I try to do is to put my youtube volume higher and lower the computer volume. So that Duo wont be too painful to my ears... Still, it would be really nice if there was a built in volume in the software. Nicely interactive though! I very much enjoy it.

    I have the exact opposite problem, Duo keeps asking me to listen, but I can NOT hear ANYTHING whatsoever (and before you all jump on me for having sound off, I do NOT have my sound off, or even turned down in the slightest.) can't hear anything Duo says on my phone, computer, laptop, tablet, any device. ...This stinks, but Duo no longer works for vocal exercises.

    [deactivated user]

      I know you said that you don't have your sound off, or even turned down in the slightest, but were you referring to your computer's/phone's volume control? If so, then you might want to go into your Duolingo settings and click on microphone and/or speaker.

      I can’ hear duolingo clearly enough to type what I hear, how do I increase the volume.

      I would love a volume control for the sound effects. I find the sound effects motivating but too loud.

      Sometimes Duolingo just suddenly goes silent for me. It's no problem, I just open it again in another tab and boom, problem fixed. But it's annoying for sure.

      Also, the s-sounds are sometimes painfully sharp on the Spanish class. The male voice sometimes says the letter s in words so sharp that it feels like someone's blowing a whistle right next to my ear. Seriously, we need volume control. Apparently it's been needed for years already.

      6 years and no fix? Wow.

      We want volume controls for Duolingo! All these years and not even some answer... so sad! My problem is that the sound effects are very loud and annoying. I would like some option to disable those sound effects (end of lesson, correct answer etc) while still being able to listen to the spoken language.

      If you are using Chrome, then an extension can work. I found this one actually works for the issue: Good luck!

      I found the problem. All you have to do is <Settings and then turn off sounds

      This does not solve the issue. The issue is that the volume level is not controllable when sound is not muted.
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      We've rendered our sounds at a normal level and I haven't experienced this problem on any computer, browser, or mobile device that I've used. Are there any application-specific volume controls in your operating system?

      Hi Bren. I use DL on 3 different PCs, with 3 different OSs, and find this problem on all of them. The volume of DL is much louder than other internet media sources such as youtube, even with them set on full. I'm guessing this is due to the quality of recording being much higher with DL. Is there any plan to add a volume slide into the settings, or is the issue not significant enough? Cheers.

      DuoLingo's volume is relative to most of my applications and sites at their loudest settings. Since using the highest settings can cause distortion with certain applications and sites (thankfully not with duoLingo), many of us turn the volume down a bit, making duoLingo far louder than everything else with no way to control it. We just have to always remember to lower the volume when starting up duoLingo otherwise we end up jumping out of our seat or waking up half of the house with a side of ear ringing.

      This happens regardless of which browser I use, which computer, USB headphones, 3.5mm headphones, external audio interface with studio monitors, etc.

      "Normal" volume rendering is relative. We aren't talking about recording levels or the volume of a track. If a track or video is recorded a little on the loud side, listeners have the option of turning it down. Since you have no way of knowing how each of us set our other sites and applications, attempting to guess a mean volume is impossible. I have no idea why you haven't added a bit of code to give us a volume setting.

      Why you would assume we all use each of our applications and sites at max volume and adjust the computer master volume levels only is beyond me. Give us a volume fader please.

      Nothing special on my end, but way to loud.

      dude it's been two years since you posted this and everyone told you how wrong you are (from the users point of view anyways, which is what should matter). Why is there still no volume option??!!

      I'm trying to listen to music on my computer while using duolingo. I don't want to completely mute duolingo, but I want it to be quieter in relation to the music and I already have the music players volume maxed out. Duolingo's volume is about the same as my music at max, problem is I want duolinger to be quieter but all I can do is turn everything down or up together.

      I still have this problem as well

      None that I can find.

      I am using OS X (El Capitan) in combination with an external display via mini-Displayport. In this setting, OS X does not allow to control the volume settings at all. This means I have to either change the volume inside apps (Youtube, VLC, iTunes) or on the monitor with a tiny button below the screen. Since all the other applications are relatively quiet, I have to turn up my speaker to setting 35. In duolingo that is muuuch too loud. I have to go down to 14-15 in the setting. But then everything else ist way to quiet. This means that EVERY TIME I use duolingo (with my external display), I have to adjust the volume settings manually by reaching across the desk, fumbling with the one button on the display to the sound setting and adjust it. After finishing I have to repeat it to readjust to normal sound. This is driving my crazy. We should have a volume slider in settings at least. Please!

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