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  5. "poSDaq qan SuvwI'."

"poSDaq qan SuvwI'."

Translation:The warrior points to the left with his little finger.

August 11, 2018



"The warrior points with his little finger to the left." (didn't work) Being a novice here, i usually just write my English sentences in the reverse order of the Klingon. Is there a rule here that would help me to understand correct word order?


Added in. Once the system updates in a day or so, it should be accepted.

However, please don't read and write your sentences in reverse order. I know it makes it easier, but if you ever get the chance to speak to someone you will not be able to use that trick and you will be completely lost. Get used to reading and writing from front to back. It will take a lot more work at first, but you will train your mind to interpret the thoughts in that order and you will then be able to interpret spoken Klingon.


Should be just as OK as "the warrior points his little finger to the left". But keep in mind the maintainers have a bit of a combinatorial problem such that including every single possible variation can get prohibitively complicated.


I must say that I am having a hard time with many of these sentences even when I get the meaning right. It is easy to get the answer rejected if the wording is so slightly changed... But yeah, I understand it is difficult to accept too many variations. It would be OK if there weren't so much typing involved...


What did you try?


I am not sure of this one in particular... Probably "The warrior pointed the little finger to the left". Or to his left. Now, I understand that the verb is defined as "to point with the index finger", and I switched around the phrase.

I have commented a couple more questions, and I have finished the unit, for now... I will take a while before revisit it in.


The verb qan doesn't mean "to point with the little finger", but more generally "to use the little finger". It covers a wide range of possible uses. When used "at a location" (i.e. something marked with -Daq) it generally refers to pointing at it.


Couldn't this phrase also be interpreted to mean "The warrior to the left is pointing/using their little finger"? (i.e. that there is an ambiguity as to whether {poSDaq} is specifying three location if the warrior, or the location that the pointing points to?)


Couldn't this phrase also be interpreted to mean "The warrior to the left is pointing/using their little finger"?


"the warrior to the left" is short for "the warrior who is (standing) to the left" -- but you cannot omit the relative "who is (standing)" in Klingon like that; you need ghaHtaHbogh or QamtaHbogh.

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