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  5. "You eat apples."

"You eat apples."

Translation:आप सेब खाती हैं।

August 11, 2018



Is हैं the same as हो because हो was given as one of the tiles to select but हैं wasn't? Also खाती was given in the correct answer but the only tile close to that was खाते


I think I can answer the last part of my question. Both खाती खाता and खाते are correct because verb endings take into consideration gender and plurality. The subject आप (you) could be masculine or feminine or plural.


तुम सेब खाते हो or आप सेब खाती हैं


It's ambiguous in English whether it's singular or plural, so the given answer is just one translation but others are accepted if they're valid.


Strange; I correctly chose तुम सेब खाते हो because I didn't see an option for हैं yet the translation shows here as आप सेब खाती हैं।


Why aap ho is incorrect?


In present tense verb ending agrees with subject. आप is always considered plural, even if you are only being polite to a single person, so must be हैं.


Shouldn't the correct answer be aap hai?

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