"Elle veut un jeune couple."

Translation:She wants a young couple.

March 29, 2013



I find it hard to hear "veut". Does anyone else think the recording for this word is poor?

October 10, 2013


I asked a French to hear it for me, he did not understand even in a slow motion

November 6, 2014


That's cause the audio is pretty.. "challenging" is the word we'll use today.

I saw a comment from a native speaker who said if you can learn to understand the duolingo french voice you'll be able to understand any french speaker anywhere in the world.

July 1, 2016


It sounds alright to me. But the sentence doesn't really make sense to me tho. (native french speaker doing the course just because why not)

November 3, 2018


I think it's alright except that I think the "t" should be pronounced due to liaison... perhaps somebody French can comment on this. I just checked, and Google Translate pronounces the "t" sound.

October 10, 2013


The liaison is facultative but I don't pronounce it in this case.

October 17, 2013


Ok. I am not confused by how to translate. I am not confused about grammar. Nor am i confused about whixh verb to use. What i am confused about, however, is why sone random girl wants a young couple.....what is she gonna do with said couple?????

September 19, 2017


A lot of ideas have been given already on this thread:

  • Research test subjects/assistants
  • To adopt her baby
  • Tenants. She has an apartment for rent and she prefers a young couple.
  • Models or actors. She is a photographer, sculptor, director and she needs a young couple to pose for an ad or art thingy or play in a film, tv show or commercial. - Spies. She works for a secret agency and she needs a young couple to go on a mission.
  • Test subjects.
September 19, 2017


It's quite common on dating apps ;)

September 28, 2018

  • 1714

Who said "elle" was some random girl? The more you try to read into it, the more convoluted it becomes.

November 19, 2017


Does couple here mean partner? I know that pareja in Spanish can mean either couple or partner, just wondering if the same thing is happening in French.

October 21, 2014


I came to this thread to see if anyone else had thought what I was thinking, and going by the overwhelming volume of deleted comments, I presume the answer is 'yes'. This kind of made my day, and thank you, Duolingo community, for that~ :y

May 10, 2018


I messed up and thought it was "yellow couple." I was judging the game for being racist until i realized I was just being dumb. ;-)

December 26, 2015


For your information, "jaune" (yellow) is a regular adjective to be placed after the noun: talking about canaries, you can say "un couple jaune".

December 27, 2015


What are the rules for placing adjectives? When do they go after or before the noun?

November 18, 2014

November 19, 2014


This example is creepy

January 21, 2019


what about "likes to think of oneself as..." like she wishes she were in a relationship?

June 6, 2013


No, really, I don't think this should be considered.

we would rather say: "elle veut/voudrait être/vivre en couple"

June 7, 2013


What is the meaning of wanting a young couple? Would anybody please help me out with an explanation?

July 2, 2018


To desire a young couple, purpose: unknown. There were a lot of speculative comments and subthreads here but it looks like they were all liquidated.

Rest assured, though: it is a mystery to all, and one which has yet to be unraveled. :v

For now, just assume it means whatever you might guess it means. I am not satisfied with that either, but it is what it is, sad to say. :1

July 2, 2018


Satanic Ritual.

January 29, 2019


Ridiculous sentence

March 18, 2019


Is couple the same as partner?

February 9, 2017


"un couple" is a pair, so necessarily 2 persons/partners

February 10, 2017
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