"Tomato is not a vegetable."

Translation:टमाटर सब्ज़ी नहीं होता है।

August 11, 2018

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Why is the होता here? Can't it just be टमाटर सब्ज़ी नहीं है?


होता है makes it a general statement of fact. The sentence you suggested would also translate to the same thing but it wouldn't mean the same and it would feel unnatural.


Better English would be: Tomatoes are not vegetables./ A tomato is not a vegetable.


Remember they're teaching you Hindi here. So they're giving you clues and mnemonics to help you learn Hindi by sometimes giving you slightly strained English sentences.

They're teaching without explanation, so they have to force you down certain paths to make the lesson work.

They're not being "bad" at English. They're being clever at teaching.


Thanks Wilbur111, that explains a lot of weirdness here!


I agree. I'd prefer

A tomato is not a vegetable.

because it is closer to the Hindi sentence (singular) and in line with other sentences in this course that make general statements.


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.


If you use "a" In the sentence you should give एक in options


Can we write hoti instead of hota?


No, because टमाटर is masculine. If it were भिंडी or some other feminine noun, then yes (and it could not be होता).

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