Translation:And you, what do you think?

4 months ago



I hate that Duolingo is so sensitive with typos.

2 weeks ago


That is NOT a polite way to ask: "what do you think?" At least I'm thinking whatever, and that is no business for anyone but me.

4 months ago


Nothing impolite about it.

3 months ago


You have to remember that this is Spanish, not English. You're inferring way too much and missing the point entirely.

Besides, you are here to learn are you not? What qualifies you to say such things? You're going to end up misleading anyone who is confused. If you are unclear, then ask. Don't go making declarative statements. And you say it is no one's business but yours, but this is an educational forum and you inserted yourself here. It's everyone's business because we're all here with the same goal!

2 months ago


Gracias UN1CORN2.

4 weeks ago
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