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  5. "poH nI' ret qIb Hopqu'Daq"

"poH nI' ret qIb Hopqu'Daq"

Translation:a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

August 11, 2018



I got away with just the one far. Seems this sentence is familiar from somewhere, but i cannot quite put my finger on it...


The force is strong with this one.

There is no trying to recognize it, do it or don't.

Perhaps it is time for me to introduce myself to you. I AM YOUR FATHER.

I didn't do you the favor of naming you Sue, but let me at least now give you some advice to help you in life, your eyes can deceive you--don't trust them.


You are wise beyond measure little one for such caution for I was twelve earth years of age at the opening of these films, Jimmy Carter's Earth was a much different place then, but still populated by wry cynical mischief makers such as myself :-)


In my studies I have learnt one singular word of Klingon and that is Qapla' which I wing your way in all of your endeavours


Those were good days.


Ah nostalgia... from the greek meaning homesickness. I get that too from time to time:-)


One cannot truly appreciate "Star Wars" until you hear it in the original Klingon…


Some clarification on the flag I just submitted. I got the female voice that is NOT Qov in this audio clip. It seems to have gained some distortion at some point. The "p" in "poH" is a loud pop, like a firecracker went off in the background right as she started the word. Also, the "q" in "qIb" sounds exactly like a "p", as if she's saying "pIb". I've got my good headphones on at my computer, with the volume all the way up. If the words weren't on the screen for me to see as the audio played, I would have totally thought I was being introduced to a new word.


Could you check the recording? Sounds a bit like the speaker is saying QIb... Thanks.


That recording just sounds bad. It's from the "Duolingo reprocesses everything to make it sound underwater" period. I would re-record it right now ... 'a DaH tlhIngan Hol jatlhbogh cha' be'pu' chu' DIchellI' 'ej 'oH qonqa' chu'wI' vIneH.


That has been re-recorded.

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