"बोतल में दूध है।"

Translation:There is milk in the bottle.

August 11, 2018

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Also milk is in the bottle should be accepted.

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    in the bottle there is milk

    This can also accept


    Your sentence is ambiguous and unnatural to a native speaker of English. There are two sensible sentences that can be made from yours -

    An answer to the question "Where is the milk?" - "The milk is in the bottle" which would be translated as "दूध बोतल में है।"

    Or an answer to the question "Is there milk?/Do we have milk" or "What is there in the bottle?" - "There is milk in the bottle/The bottle has milk in it" which would be translated as "बोतल में दूध है।"


    Why not "The bottle has milk in it" or just "The bottle has milk"


    All should be accepted. But since the course is in beta, you should input the most obvious translation.


    The word bottle and glass come clearly from english, there was no equivalents in hindi beford the British colonization?


    I doubt glass and bottles were commonplace three hundred years ago. Pots and waterskins were more in fashion.


    I didn't think of that ! Lol You're right !

    [deactivated user]

      Every word which is written in English can be written in Hindi and we actually do not use the word GLASS in Hindi but instead use a hindi word कांच ।


      I think here "glass" only meant glass the pot, not glass the material.

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