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  5. "हमारा बेटा पढ़ता है।"

"हमारा बेटा पढ़ता है।"

Translation:Our son studies.

August 11, 2018



I SO see two Indian mothers point scoring off other...


Can i say 'our son reads'


"our son reads" kind of describes the situation at the moment when the son is reading . It would transtate to "hamara beta padh raha hai"(though it could also mean our son is a student depending on the context) "Hamara beta padhta hai " is describing a situation not necessarily in the present moment but to indicate that the son is a student and this is what he does and hence the appropriate translation would be "our son is studying" (which could mean at present or even in general,him being a student)


Well I don't want to disagree with you, but if it were up to Duolingo, you would already be on electro shocks because you translated पड़ता है as "is studying" where Duo tediously forces one to use the simple present for similar sentences here...


Same question: why is "Our son reads" wrong here and only "Our son studies" is correct?

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