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  5. "'ar bo'ab?"

"'ar bo'ab?"

Translation:How tall are you?

August 12, 2018



Is there some bit of canon I've forgotten that lets one skip the noun before 'ar? I'd have expected something like 'uj 'ar bo'ab?


That's a great question. We can use numbers without their associated nouns, but that doesn't necessarily mean we can use 'ar in a similar way. Let's research that a little.


Well there's nothing relevant before 2015, as a search of klingonska.org shows. The word 'ar does not appear in paq'batlh. I have no record of any announcement of canon regarding the word 'ar in my mailing list archive (except for when Okrand, in 1998, introduced us to 'arlogh). My records of other sources are not perfect, but show no sign of any use of 'ar.

If there's no canon to support using 'ar by itself, I suggest that such use is incorrect and recommend changing this sentence to 'uj 'ar bo'ab.


Why isn't this {'ar Su'ab.} , or {'ar bI'ab.}?


With {'ab}, the Object is the height value. The {'ar} is taking the place of that Object, so prefixes which indicate no-object are not correct.


"You are (how much) tall?" I must remember that you are tall-ing so much. Thanks.

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