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  5. "jIH 'emDaq bIQamtaH SoH."

"jIH 'emDaq bIQamtaH SoH."

Translation:You are standing behind me.

August 12, 2018



Why do you need SoH? Doesn't the prefix bI on the verb cover it?


You don't need SoH. Maybe it is for emphasis? Or variety in the course?


The latter.

Pronouns are optional rather than forbidden -- occasionally, we include them even when they're not needed, mostly to add variety.

The sentence would be equally correct without the subject pronoun, and in the reverse translation exercise (English to Klingon), both versions are accepted.


Does the inclusion of the pronoun change the meaning or connotation in any way? I remember from learning Japanese in high school that pronouns were often optional when they could be inferred, but could be included for emphasis. Is this anything like that?


Yes it is very similar to that. Sometimes the pronoun is used to clarify when there are multiple possible interpretations. Sometimes the pronoun is used to emphasize a a clear understanding. Often the pronoun is left off and you just have to rely on other context.

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