"She feels hot in summer."

Translation:उसे गर्मी में गर्मी लगती है।

August 12, 2018

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When does the time go before the subject and when after? I can't find a consistent pattern here. गर्मी में उसे गर्मी लगती है was not accepted but in other cases it seemed that the time was required to go first.


That is a correct answer (what they have given is correct too grammatically, but it sounds kinda funny!). I have reported it, but it doesn't look like the Hindi course gets updated much.


Same question here.


I am also unclear on this. Sometimes it is required before sometimes required after. It is hard to distinguish when an answer is not correct Hindi and when Duolingo is just being inflexible in its answers. It would be great if a new tip could be added that make this subject clear. I appreciate the contributors trying to help, but greater clarity from the course would really help.


I would also want to know this...


गर्मी में उसे गर्मी लगती है would be In summer she feels hot.


उसे गर्मी के मौसम में गर्मी लगती है। This is the correct answer!


Namaste! Please, try reporting your answer to help improving the course. :)


Your answer is also correct but the official answer given is not wrong. That is how most Hindi speakers would say it.


गर्मी में उसे गर्मी लगती है। Why is this wrong?


As many have asked here, गर्मी में उसे गर्मी लगती है should be accepted as a correct answer. It is subtly different, and can be translated as "In the summer she feels hot". However given how loose most of their English translations are, they shouldn't be that nit picky. In fact in the same lesson they translate सर्दी में मुझे ठंड लगती है as "I feel cold in the winter".


Exactly, i just lost a heart for "मुझे सर्दी में ठंड लगती है" a couple questions ago so I'm kind of upset about losing another on this one.


This sentence is funny


I had that also but it was incorrect for Duo


Garmi ke mausam means summer season


Why not "usko" in place of "usay"?


Usse garmi mausam mein garmi lagti hai is right


Mausam is not used in the correct answer Why.


It is wrong the correct answer is उसे गर्मी के मौसम में गर्मी लगती है |


Can I say 'garmi mausum' for summer season


Also, it is more common to say गर्मियां instead of गर्मी when talking about the summer season. So this would usually be उसे गर्मियों में गर्मी लगती है। ( this also avoids the repetition of the word गर्मी ).

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