Troubleshooting in English

I have asked this before but got no answers Why when I do some lessons on my laptop do they not add up to my total on my iPad? And vice versa? I started the courses on my iPad but it is so slow and often picks up wrong words so I would like to use my laptop sometimes Currently doing Spanish on my iPad and Swedish on laptop My ipad actually picked up I was doing German and French??

August 12, 2018


Are you using the same userid and password on both the iPad and the laptop?

If you are, then the problem is probably inconsistent WiFi. Mobile devices don't always succeed in communicating with the Duolingo servers.

August 12, 2018

Here is an excellent discussion about something similar, but in their case their WiFi is actually better than their ethernet:

August 12, 2018

For the last three days I haven't received any DL email notifications on discussions I'm following (and I'm following quite a lot) - I've checked the DL servers for that period and they show as being up OK. I've also checked all my DL settings and they are fine. Just a bit strange as I normally get about twenty DL emails a day. My email app BT Yahoo is working fine otherwise. Any suggestions anyone ?

March 12, 2019
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