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  5. "Inafaa nisicheze"

"Inafaa nisicheze"

Translation:It is best I should not play

August 12, 2018



'It is best' is essential here for 'inafaa', while in numerous previous exercises 'it is better' was the only translation accepted. Another irritating inconsistency.


It can also be translated to "it is suitable" or "it is fitting" or other things of that nature. They really need to look at the applications of people who are willing to work on this course so that a whole lot of other correct translations are accepted.


The further you get into the course the worse this sort of thing seems to get. I’m struggling with level 4 religion at the moment and if I had any hair I’d be tearing it out in handfuls!


To play ... to dance .... you have to be lucky to get it right .....


Rather: It's best I didn' t play.

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