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Course completion

I completed the Swahili course this week i.e level 25 and all items in gold! I will continue elsewhere with listening to audios, news etcetra and also reading various newspapers and books. I wish to thank the Duolingo Team for the course. There are however still many mistakes in the English translations and I hope they will be corrected. Asante sana!

August 12, 2018



well done! Can you have a basic conversation in Swahili now? I'm interested where finishing a course on duolingo takes you.


Many thanks! I have not yet had a chance to carry out conversations but my view is that after the course one is enabled to carry out simple conversations due to vocabulary limitation. My next step will therefore focus more on increasing my vocabulary. I hope to visit Zanzibar a second time sometime next year when I would be using Swahili only.


Thank you! Long live Duolingo!


Congratulations! I still have a lot of work to do before I complete Swahili. I hope to get it to level 25 and all skills at max level by the end of the year. How long did it take you? What was your progression? Did you get level 1 in all skills first, then go back for level 2, etc. with lots of practice sessions? Asante sana!


Thanks! All in all it took me 15 months to reach level 25 and have all skills in gold. I completed the tree very much earlier and had all levels in gold before crowns were introduced which pushed me back to levels at or below two! Reminds me of the game 'Snakes and Ladders'! For every skill I aimed to achieve level 5 but sometimes this was not possible so I would go to the next skill. A good number of English translations are incorrect so one has to learn the correct answers by heart or cheat and write them down so that one gets them right the next time! The repetitions however ensure that much of the vocabulary is retained! So after getting all skills at level 5, one has graduated and should leave to take up more advanced challenges! I hope this helps!

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