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  5. "I am afraid of your wife."

"I am afraid of your wife."

Translation:Vaší manželky se bojím.

August 12, 2018



I don't understand why "wife" is genitive in this case rather than accusative.


because the verb "bát se" requires the direct object in genitive. After all, you are afraid OF something even in English (just a coincidence).


Thanks! I think I'm just stuck in "genitive is possessive" so I keep forgetting that it's also the case of objects of transitive verbs >.


It also absorbed the PIE ablative case so also the direction from is also often expressed with genitive.


Hello! I am wondering why "Bojím se tví ženy" is not accepted — I can think of two reasons: would "Bojím se vaší ženy" be okay, or would it be that "manželky" should be used here instead of "ženy"? Thanks in advance!


It must be tvé, genitive of tvá.

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