"We are choosing the colors together."

Translation:Elegimos los colores juntos.

5 months ago



Shouldn't "estamos eligiendo..." be accepted?

5 months ago


"estamos elegando los colores juntos" is another way of saying it. This is better than "we choose the colors together" which is shown as the correct answer.

3 months ago


estamos eligiendo is correct and not accepted.. wha?????

2 months ago


you are absolutely correct. at first I put up with DL not accepting the progressive present but they've touched on it in the tree already. I'm fine with them being sticklers on the Spanish translation but they should have full acceptable latitude on the English.

2 months ago

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I'm weary of DL defaulting to the present, especially for sentences like this one written in the present progressive. I've reported these kinds of sentences multiple times. DL seems to be slowly getting the point, but remains mostly schizophrenic about this idea. It's a crap shoot answering these very simple sentences.

1 month ago


i do not understand the rules or the practice of DL for using preterit when the english looks present tense.

5 months ago


I put 'estamos elegiendo' and it marked it as incorrect, tho I'm pretty sure it should have accepted it?

2 months ago
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