"नेहा और मैं साथ में चल रहे हैं "

Translation:Neha and I are walking together.

August 12, 2018



"Neha and me are walking together" should be also accepted, shouldn't it?

November 29, 2018


It shouldn't, actually. "Neha and me" wouldn't be correct English in this context. The sentence requires a subject ("I") rather than an object ("me"). You wouldn't say "Neha and me are walking" for the same reason you wouldn't say "Me am walking". Hope this helps.

December 22, 2018


In schoolbook English that's true but in spoken English "Neha and me" would be said. Remember, this is a Hindi lesson not a proper-English lesson.

December 22, 2018


Neha and me would be only colloquial English in my opinion.

April 8, 2019


The adverb together is not just साथ but साथ में in this exemple. Is there a rule?

January 18, 2019


चलना often translates as "go" or "leave" as well as "walk", yes?

August 12, 2018



August 13, 2018


I got this wrong because I left out the word "together".
My reasoning is:
Hindi takes four words to say "walking together".
Google translates साथ as "with" and में as "in".
That would be another preposition instead of the adverb, "together".
रहे (the continuous marker) looks like another clarifier that isn't always necessary (unless they mark you wrong without it).

August 31, 2018


साथ only really means "with" per se if it's के साथ. साथ gets used a few different ways, but together with में it is really one single adverb - and it's necessary. In English, "Neha and I are walking" doesn't necessarily mean we're walking together, just that we're both walking - and the same thing is true for Hindi if it were नेहा और मैं चल रहे हैं

Similarly, चल रहे हैं means something different then just चलते हैं would, again like in English. While some languages (like French or German) say "walk" and "be walking" the same, Hindi uses रहना to mean the progressive/continuous ("be walking"). So definitely both साथ (में) and चल रहे are necessary here for the intended meaning, and just translating it in English as "Neha and I walk" or "Neha and I are walking" wouldn't be accurate.

January 18, 2019
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