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Duolingo wishlist...

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I would love to see the following ideas implemented in Duolingo...

1. Show typos in yellow, not green.

I appreciate that Duolingo is sometimes lenient on typos, but when I'm in a hurry, I don't always take the time to read the green card that appears after successfully completing a question. I fear that I might reinforce my learning of typos if I don't pay attention. A yellow sign in these instances could give the opportunity to a hurried learner to still pay attention when it is most important.

2. Provide explanations for wrongly-reported errors.

I think there is a tremendous opportunity to strengthen the feedback loop of Duolingo if there was an explanation for common mistakes. For example, if there was a ranking of the top mistakes which learners make on a question, but which they think ought to be right, then it would be nice if the course creators had not only the option of accepting or denying the new answer, but also to provide a comment on why a wrong answer is actually being rejected. I feel like the crystallization of knowledge often occurs at these boundaries, where there are subtle lessons which can be gleaned (e.g.: it looks almost right except that in this context this verb tense cannot be used, or whatever). This knowledge base would take a while to build out, but even if it popped up only some of the time, it would still be valuable when it does. Now that I think of it, these tips could even be proposed systematically, not just when users wrongly report their bad answer as a correct one.

3. Add a forum page to the tips and notes of a module.

Sometimes, I have questions about the explanations of a module, and I think it would be fitting to allow for a discussion right there, rather than needing to somehow fit it into the forum page related to a specific question of that module.

4. Add a setting to optionally provide voice for the "origin" language.

Sometimes, a language pair is not available in the direction we'd like, so we take the opposite pair. It works pretty well to do so, except that audio comprehension cannot be exercised as thoroughly, because only the destination language of a pair gets audio, never the origin language. It would be nice if there was a setting to change that (i.e.: provide audio on both the origin and destination language).

5. Add tips and forums to the native apps.

I see this feature requested very often, yet it hasn't come yet. Perhaps the implementation cost is deemed too high... Or perhaps there is a fear that app users would not provide the same level of value as web users to the forum discussions. I personally sometime use the mobile web app instead of the native app because I find the tips and forums so useful. The UX is a bit more snappy and usable in the native app, but even so, I still feel like the missing features outweigh this benefit, at least some of the time.


I would think suggestions 1, 3 and 4 should be very low effort to provide, and could yield a lot of value. I hope they are considered. I understand that suggestions 2 and 5 are high(er) effort, and that the ROI estimation may be more tenuous to justify.

In any case, I love Duolingo and hope to see it continue to grow and evolve over time!

Thanks a lot to the whole team and to the language contributors and community. It is truly special.


August 12, 2018



Very good ideas that I couldn't have said better myself.

However, the creators of Duolingo courses do not, unfortunately, look through these forums and there is no direct way to speak to them. There was a forum by Luis for Duolingo suggestions, but I doubt that a few weeks later, that your comment will even get noticed.



the creators of Duolingo courses do not, unfortunately, look through these forums

That is quite the statement!

The first few courses were developed by Duolingo staff. Later courses were developed by volunteer contributors and some also have staff members contributing (Japanese for example: https://www.duolingo.com/course/ja/en/Learn-Japanese-Online). Contributors maintain courses (e.g. add correct answers, fix typos etc.) and may even be forum moderators, i.e. they are monitoring these discussions. This does not mean that course creators can change Duolingo's features such as adding Tips and notes tabs, giving all platforms access to the same features etc. This is the work of engineers, who are Duolingo staff. Contributors and moderators can only work with the tools that staff give them.

Comments are noticed, I can assure you, but making even popular user/moderator/contributor requests a reality is not very easy.


Thanks for your response (:

Is there any channel of communication with the Duolingo staff? Surely there must be some...?


Let's say, there are several of those, but none of them is really direct and reliable. In any case, all of your ideas have been offered to the developers hundreds and hundreds of times through all possible channels. If they don't do something, then there is a reason for that, even if they don't always share those reasons.

For instance, you believe that number 4 is pretty easy to implement, from what I know about how all this sound thing works, it's doable but by no means easy to implement and will create tons of new problems.

We had 1 in the past, then they changed yellow to green, I'm sure they did some testing which convinced them to do that.

Number 2 - we had that in the past then something happened and those explanations are not shown any longer. Don't know if it's a bug or meant to be this way.


We had number 3 in the past too, long-long ago. I loved it, it was very convenient, but then they changed the forum to what we have now. Not sure why.

Number 5 - the problem is that tips and notes tend to be very long and often have links to some outside sources, all that is not good for showing them in the app. I believe there are now grammar notes for Sp-Eng course in the app. But those were developed specifically for the purpose of fitting the app. Even if one day we'll get them for other courses too, we'll probably be required to develop a new set of mobile notes.


Sounds good.

Try posting it here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28202855

It is a post by Luis CEO of Duolingo asking: "What changes would you like to see?".

Someone else mentioned it but try pasting your ideas there.

Good luck.


Thanks, I have pasted it over there. Not sure it'll get seen considering all the comments that are already there but oh well. It's good to see them asking for feedback, at least (:


Thanks for that, Eleo


Have 7 lingots :D


Your H1 formatting is not working.

Try again with the "##" and "###" symbols before your text.


Can we ask for Duolingo Stories in Italian. it already has French, German and Spanish stories?


trying again "##" can we ask for Duolingo Stories in Italian. They already exist in French, German and Spanish. Thanks


can we ask for Duolingo Stories in Italian.


Duo Labs = BETA = they are testing and improving their concept: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/23206010

They added those languages with currently available resources (e.g Portuguese, Spanish) and later added French and German.

There is no 100% guarantee that Labs BETA projects will manage to progress to a final stage (I hope they do - I am not finished with all of the PT stories).

In one of the more recent "New stories published" threads (sorry, can't find the latest stories thread right now) many people - like you - where asking about rolling out NEW languages (e.g Italian).

In this thread staff has cleared and explained, that they are still testing and improving the Stories concept and won't rollout NEW additional languages very soon which would just take more internal resources but limit quicker changes for the existing languages.


Thanks Thomas for explaining. Let's hope they can get Italian on board..


Another suggestion: Free money for each lesson completed! 10s and 20s are acceptable

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