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Duolingo owl & phrase t-shirt

I want a t-shirt that has the Duolingo owl. Above the owl, over the chest it, of course, says Duolingo. Then under him, from wing tip to wing tip (like a jump rope), it says Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça? A good conversation starter & legitimate question (and a good advertisement).

March 29, 2013



We're working on new t-shirt designs. We'll keep that one in mind :)


That is such a cute idea!!


You guys could do notebooks or agendas of this owl! In the languages we can find here (means, months in German/French/Spanish/Portuguese) and some typical holidays + descriptions or quotes and idioms or other stuff. As a way to incorporate duolingo learning/memorizing in our daily life (off-computer) :)


I think they would sell like hot cakes!!!!!!!! Would you send a link to what it may look like to my duolingo account?

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