"Your children"

Translation:Watoto wako

August 13, 2018

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On another question I used wako and I was wrong while being corrected with wenu. A few questions later I used wenu and was wrong with the correction being wako. When would I use wenu vs. wako vs. lako?


Based on what we've been taught so far, phrases like mpishi mbaya and watoto wazuri lead me to expect m- in singular and wa- in plural for (m-class) animate nouns.

Yet here we have watoto wako , also but mtoto wako , instead of the mtoto *mko that I'd expect. Obviously the grammar is more complicated than what I understand so far.

Can someone explain why it's mtoto wako and not mtoto mko? Do possessive adjectives have agreement rules different from those of other adjectives?


What ia the difference between wenu and wako


What is the "you" & "he/she" ending of this noun class?


Not sure this is the place for this complaint but this 'sing. you/plu. you' thing is still problematic. Duolingo should think of a way of signaling which you is being used


is watoto wenu also the same or incorrect?


I think wenu too is correct. I also learnt that it is used when referring to more than one person.


Couldnt it be wenu as well? If the person was speaking tk more than one parent?


This has nothing to do with locatives

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