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  5. "You have two eyes."

"You have two eyes."

Translation:आपके पास दो आँखें हैं।

August 13, 2018



I use the word bank and chose apke. It tells me I have a typo (however that would be possible) and it should be apki. Paas is not an option.


I got the same result, but was not given the "correct" apki as an option.


14/09/20 This is still what I get when I pick आपको from the word bank: You have a typo. आपकी दो आँखें हैं। Whereas it should be marked wrong - I understand now - because I left out पास. Correct?


पास is only used when the thing possessed is a tangible object [small enough to hold or carry]. For example, you would use this construction to talk about having a book, money, or pen. You would not use this construction for having a house, fever or doubt.

It shouldn't be used with body parts!


Why is the plural of 'आंख' not 'आंख'? I mean the plurals of 'hand, nose, ear, head, heart' are 'हाथ, नाक, कान, सिर, दिल'. So we can see that they remain unchanged in plural forms. Why does 'आंख' change to 'आँखें'?

[deactivated user]

    I have the same question. It doesn't seem like it should be oblique.


    Is it feminine?


    Yes, it is feminine!


    It's just like that!


    Can tere or tumhare be used here instead of aapke?

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