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"जूलिया के पिता गरम दूध पी रहे हैं।"

Translation:Julia's father is drinking hot milk.

August 13, 2018



Why is it /rahe haim/? If the subject is a singular masculine noun?


Julia's father is being referred to respectfully, hence why we use रहे and हैं (with the anuswar).


See the "Formality and Respect" section in the Family Tips and Notes:

In formal situations and for respected people (including all elders), plural versions are used in every context. For example, with पिता (father): मेरे पिता भारत में हैं - My father is in India; उसके पिता अमेरिका से नहीं हैं - His father is not from America.


Those examples are in the oblique case anyway, so the only way you can tell they're plural is from the ं in हैं।


I did not see any tips in this duolingo course... And your link does not work for me.


To agree with के, which is used to show more respect than with का।


I have trouble knowing whether the English should be "drinks" or "is drinking" (same with other verbs). Is there a general rule that can be briefly summarised by some kind person here? Don't worry if not possible. I can look it up in the tips (or elsewhere) when not using my mobile. Thanks in advance if possible!

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