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"I'm not going to worry."

Translation:No voy a preocuparme.

2 months ago



Why not "No me voy a preocupar"? That should be ok.

1 month ago


Did I miss a lesson here? What is up with the "me" in "preocupar'me'"? Why is "Yo no voy a me preocupo" wrong?

2 months ago

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What is up with the "me" in "preocupar'me'"?

The me in preocuparme is because the verb is reflexive in Spanish. We more or less say to worry oneself.

Why is "Yo no voy a me preocupo" wrong?

Because the Spanish structure for the close future (to be going to + -ing form in English) is ir a + Infinitivo. Thus:
ir + a + Infinitivo = No voy a preocuparme

2 months ago