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"Typický Angličan pije černý čaj."

Translation:The typical Englishman drinks black tea.

August 13, 2018



Only the men, yeah?


Englishman = Angličan

Englishwoman = Angličanka

English people = Angličané

So yeah, the sentence only refers to men apparently.


"English person" is accepted as well.


This is not a critique, but a suggestion. I would consider the translation into English "also" as: The typical "English" drinks black tea. I agree that the sentence in Czech has a male sex, however: 1) To me (non-native) sounds strange to say Englishman, maybe it is on me :) 2) It is not consistent with other parts of the course e.g. Jste Anglican (I believe it is that, but might be slightly different and sorry for not using the right c as I don't have it on my keyboard and there are other sentences like this) where it is translated as: "Are you English" and not as: "Are you an Englishman". Anyway, those were my two cents with an attitude of collaboration/suggestion, not critique. The course overall is great and a good testimony of that is that I, like many others, keep on it in spite of the overall difficulty of the language :) So, kudos for the good work!

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