"Typický Angličan pije černý čaj."

Translation:The typical Englishman drinks black tea.

August 13, 2018

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This is FAKE NEWS! The Englishmen that I know all put milk in.


Does black tea stop being black when you put milk in it? Black tea is a kind of tea, as opposed to green or white or oolong. It's not the same as "black coffee" which means coffee without milk.


You are RIGHT AgnusOinas. My mistake!!


When I was young the only tea commonly used in Ireland, and probably in England also. was what is known now as black tea, and was called simply 'tea'. Black tea was, as JohnBraga suggests tea without milk. I think that how it would still be interpreted even today by most people in Ireland. It is only when I started to visit Czechia (2001) that I understood the other meaning of 'black tea. It was all the generation before mine was allowed during Lent!


Yes, interesting. I suppose since the UK had control over India, they only imported tea from India, which happens to be almost always black tea (i.e. fermented tea leaves as opposed to green tea), and Ireland probably followed suit. Then it made sense to use the same terminology as for coffee -- i.e. black = no milk, white = with milk.

But nowadays, tea from China, Japan, Taiwan and other places is also imported to the UK and Ireland (I hope!), so now tea can be green, black, white, or oolong, just by the nature of the leaves and their processing, and regardless whether milk has been added to the brew or not.


I smiled when I read this, while drinking Earl Grey/no milk; thanks for the holiday chuckle! :-)


Only the men, yeah?


Englishman = Angličan

Englishwoman = Angličanka

English people = Angličané

So yeah, the sentence only refers to men apparently.


"English person" is accepted as well.

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