"यह ज़मीन सस्ती है।"

Translation:This land is cheap.

August 13, 2018



ज़मीन can mean floor and ground, and apparently land (that one owns). Can it also mean land as opposed to ocean? Can it also mean earth, as in soil or dirt? And can it mean Earth as a planet?

August 13, 2018


No, I'm not mother tongue but I'm fairly sure it can't mean land in general, and I know it can't mean earth or 'the earth'. I'm not sure about the general word for land, but earth and 'the earth' are धरती and भूगोल respectively (can somebody mother tongue confirm this?).

August 13, 2018


Geography = भूगोल
Earth/Soil - मिट्टी
The Earth - धरती / पृथ्वी

August 15, 2018


And zameen?

November 23, 2018


multiple usage for "land" in Hindi~ http://dict.hinkhoj.com/LAND-meaning-in-hindi.words

September 27, 2018


ससती May mean “cheap,” but “inexpensive” should also be acceptable, and is more correct than “cheap” which has connotations of “poor quality” that “inexpensive” does not.

January 20, 2019
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