Mesmo, Mesmo everywhere!

So I found these from the interwebz and decided to copy paste here and ask if you have found the word mesmo confusing at times because of its many uses?

I’m also wondering if there are other ways we can use the word mesmo besides the examples shown below, AND, while using the example sentences below, are there other variations for how to use the word mesmo while saying the same thing?

I tried to find a super source for mesmo definitions but couldn’t find one unfortunately, if anyone has a link to one I’d appreciate it, thanks!

Lastly, I found the PT-EN / reverse tree’s ”Pronouns Reflexive" skill to be good practice as welll


  • “Privação de sono faz o cérebro comer a si mesmo.” “Sleep deprivation makes your brain eat itself.”

  • “Eu quero o mesmo perfume que está na vitrine.” I want the same perfume as the one in the showcase.

  • “Você gosta mesmo de manteiga de amendoim?” Do you really like peanut butter?

  • “Três ao quadrado é o mesmo que nove” Three squared equals nine.

  • “Manteiga ou margarina tem o mesmo resultado no gosto do pão” Butter or margarine have similar results in the taste of bread.

  • Mesmo depois de se divorciar, eles ainda se falavam diariamente.” Even after getting a divorce, they still spoke daily.

  • “Estamos falando a mesma coisa em línguas diferentes” We are saying the same thing in different languages.

  • Ao mesmo tempo, eles dois voltavam para casa” At the same time/Simultaneously, they both went home.

  • “Foi ele mesmo que disse isso.” It was he himself who said that.

  • “Eu te disse pra não contar pra ninguém e você abriu a boca assim mesmo” I told you not to tell anyone and you opened your mouth nonetheless.

  • “Eu não sei nadar, mesmo assim, vou tentar” I can’t swim, however, I’ll try

August 13, 2018


We also have another word with a lot of different meanings: "ponto".

  • Ponto (dot) -> duolingo(ponto).com
  • Ponto (bus stop) -> Eu estou esperando aqui no ponto (I'm waiting here at the bus stop)
  • Ponto (point) -> Ele marcou três pontos (He scored three points)
  • Ponto (period) -> É isso! Fim de papo. Ponto! (That's it! End of conversation. Period!).
  • Ponto (Surgery Stich) -> Precisei levar cinco pontos (I needed to take five stitches).
  • A ponto de (about) -> Eu estou a ponto de terminar com minha namorada -> I'm about to break up with my girlfriend
  • Em ponto (precisely) -> Ele marcou a reunião para as três em ponto -> He scheduled the meeting precisely at three o'clock.
August 14, 2018

Isn't just Brazilian Portuguese beautiful?? Here's how we roll in Portugal:
- Ponto
- Paragem
- Ponto
- Ponto
- Ponto
- Prestes a
- Ponto

Pretty much the same with only two dots being different (because we like being different :P)

August 14, 2018

Indeed! :D

We can say "prestes a" in Brazil too. I think we just added one more option in this case. Hahahahaha

Anyway, I love those little differences.

August 14, 2018

Thank you for sharing this!

August 14, 2018

Here is an e-book "mesmo" resource for making "mesmo" experts and consultants. 112 pages! =]

Thank you for opening this valuable discussion. :)

September 3, 2018

No problem! =) Wow 112 pages, seeing that made a bit dizzy.. :s

September 3, 2018

Ahahahah! That's pretty great. =)

With the single letter word, "a" and "mesmo" we'll have most of the vocabulary. If it gets too confusing, add a silent "h". :D

September 3, 2018

I am always surprised at how versatile mesmo is; it keeps popping up unexpectedly and is much more versatile than any single English counterpart.

August 13, 2018

Yeah, I keep seeing and hearing mesmo but since I haven’t practiced it much, it confuses me.

August 13, 2018

Want me to screw up your mind a bit more?
Mesmo can be pronounced as memo or even mem'

Another phrase to help your understanding of "mesmo" xD
é assim mesmo is like "good job"

- Eu ontem fiz aquele trabalho estúpido teu por ti.
- É assim mesmo, obrigado!
- Yesterday, I did that stupid job of yours for you.
- Alright, good job, thanks! (It's not really possible to translate it literally xD)

P.S. I've just noticed "for you" can be said in Portuguese as "por ti/para ti" but they have different meanings... Oh wow, thank you English!

August 13, 2018

Thanks for teaching me a new way to use mesmo! =) Have a lingot! If you have more, I don’t mind trading more. Hah!

August 13, 2018

Let me show you the meanings of "mesmo" then. Here's a full comprehensible list of how to use "mesmo" :)


1. Indicates equality, similarity or identity
Ele vestiu estas mesmas calças ontem - He wore these same pants yesterday.
Ela continua a mesma apesar de tudo o que lhe aconteceu - She is still the same despite everything that has happened to her.

Demonstrative Pronoun

2. Thing or person that has already been aforementioned
Eu fiz a tarefa, mas a mesma não ficou perfeita - I did the task, but it was not perfect.

Demonstrative Determiner

3. It's used after the person pronoun or other ways of treatment in an emphatic way
Eu mesmo farei o trabalho - I'll do the work myself
4. It's used after a noun to emphasize the level of quality
Ele é o profissionalismo mesmo - He's the professionalism really


5. With accuracy
Ele mora mesmo ao lado da escola - He lives right next to the school
6. Including; up until
As crianças chegaram esfomeadas, mesmo as que já tinham lanchado - The children arrived hungry, even the ones that had already snacked
7. Really
A guerra é mesmo necessária? - Is the war really necessary?

Masculine Noun

8. Algo equivalente ou igual
Disseram todos o mesmo - Everyone said the same

Conjunctive locution

Mesmo que
It's used to introduce a subordinate phrase and to indicates opposition to another idea exposed, but that is not impeditive.
Mesmo que não tenhamos apoio, temos de continuar - Even if we do not have support, we must continue

Adverbial Locution

Na mesma
Fiquei na mesma depois do que disseste - I remained the same after what you said
Da mesma
Da mesma forma que ele fez isso, ele fá-lo-á de outra forma - The same way he did that, he'll do it in another way

Other usages

É mesmo
It's exactly the same as the ironical question of "You don't say?" or "Really?"
- Aquilo que fizeste ontem foi altamente
- É mesmo?
- That thing you did yesterday was awesome
- You don't say?

É assim mesmo
As shown previously...
- Eu ontem fiz aquele trabalho estúpido teu por ti.
- É assim mesmo, obrigado!
- Yesterday, I did that stupid job of yours for you.
- Alright, good job, thanks! (It's not really possible to translate it literally xD)

Mesmo assim
The meaning of it is "even so"
- Ele tentou fazer aquilo de forma diferente
- E mesmo assim ele não conseguiu
- He tried to do that thing in a different way
- And even so he couldn't do it

Dar ao mesmo
This has a meaning of "ending the same way"
O que fiz ontem foi dar ao mesmo - *What I did yesterday was the same

Etymology: metipsimus (Latin)

Masculine singular: mesmo
Feminine singular: mesma
Masculine plural: mesmos
Feminine plural: mesmas

August 13, 2018

Thank you!

August 13, 2018

Puxa discussão mesmo interessante :) (trully) mesmerinzing :)

August 13, 2018
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