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"Noi non dimentichiamo il nostro compleanno."

Translation:We do not forget our birthday.

March 29, 2013



Does this make sense in Italian? In English, we would say "birthdayS"- unless we were both born on the same day.


Sounds OK to me, like a general statement about people. We don't forget our (own) birthday.


I now see where the word "dimentia" comes from. :-)


When I hover over dimentichiamo the second suggestion has '(we) leave (behind)'. I would have used the word lasciamo. Can somebody explain the difference between the usages of those two verbs in that case?


According to two dictinaries I have consulted so far (italian app linked to wiktionary.org and Dizionario Italiano app by The free dictionay.com), the word "compleanno" comes to Italian feom the Spanish "cumpleaño". In Spanish "cumpleaño" is used to refer not only the birthday (date) but also the birthday party.

I did not find any information to sustain this interpretation or translation bit it might be referring to the party.

Equally in English the word birthday can refer to the festivity or party. Even though it is more likely to hear "birthday party".

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