"There is only one boy here."

Translation:Je tady jen jeden hoch.

August 13, 2018

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[deactivated user]

    'tady je jen jeden chlapec' - try repeating that as fast as you can!


    I got refused "Je jen tady jeden hoch". Is there a reason why it is wrong?


    "jen tady" means he is "only here", not that he is "only one".


    Interesting difference:-) Thank you!


    "je jen jeden hoch tady" why is incorrect?


    "Je jen jeden hoch tady." Is it wrong to put "tady" at the end instead of the second position?


    It's not a natural word order.

    "tady" normally wants to be in the second position. Placing it at the end, the following is a functional word order:

    "Jen jeden hoch je tady." (It's more "Only one boy is here" rather than "There is only one boy here")

    The first position also works if we want to make "tady" a topic ("as for here..."): "Tady je jen jeden hoch."

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