"How many pieces of cake do you eat?"

Translation:Quanti pezzi di torta mangi?

March 29, 2013

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Is there any particular reason "Quanti pezzi della torta" is wrong, or is it just the difference between "how many piece of cake" and "how many pieces of THE cake"?


I think you are right, "della torta" would be of the cake. But I don't understand when the articles are needed and when they are not.


You got it right.

  • pezzi di torta = pieces of cake
  • pezzi della torta = pieces of the cake


Would "Quanti pezzi di torta mangi tu?" also work? It marked my question wrong because I had "tu" at the end.


I'd put tu at the beginning, "Tu quanti pezzi di torta mangi?"; it's not rare to see it at the end, but more as an afterthought, "Quanti pezzi di torta mangi, tu?". I don't think it should be marked wrong though, duolingo is a little too strict with omitting the subject sometimes.


How about "Quanti pezzi di torta tu mangi?" why did DL mark that as wrong?


The personal pronoun is usually omitted in Italian when it is a subject. Nevertheless, it is not wrong to include it.


But its not accepted here/


I don't understand why it's wrong either... sometimes you see it at the end to add emphasis or disbelief to the question. For example the asker can't believe how many pieces of cake the other person ate.


Why di and not della?


Because it is not referring to any specific cake


What's wrong with "mangi quanti pezzi di torta?"


I do not believe that that is incorrect


I think that the object would then become "quanti pezzi di torta" rather than "pezzi di torta"


What's wrong with, "Quanti pezzi di torta mangiate?"


It's correct. Please report it if it was rejected.

[deactivated user]

    "Quanti pezzi di torta mangia?" not accepted, November 2020.


    I made the same answer and don't understand why it was called incorrect


    I wrote "Quanti pezzi di torta mangi tu?" and DL said it was wrong and that the correct answer is "Quanti pizza di sorta mangiate? I know the tu was redundant, but really how is one to know that they meant plural people? Some individuals can put away several pieces of cake!


    Personal pronouns are usually omitted in Italian, but it is not wrong to include them. However, if used, the personal pronoun usually would be before the verb, i.e. "Quanti pezzi di torta tu mangi?" or "Tu quanti pezzi di torta mangi?" .

    Regarding number, both singular and plural are accepted. Just try "Quanti pezzi di torta mangi?" and it will be accepted.


    Why di not da or della??? Is it di because of pezzi?


    parts of a whole use "di" in Italian. Examples: i paesi del continente, le ruote della macchina, i figli della familia, i lupi del branco, i pezzi della torta

    • pezzi di torta = pieces of cake
    • pezzi della torta = pieces of the cake


    " tu mangi" It was taken as wrong....OMG!


    Personal pronouns are usually omitted in Italian, but using it is not wrong. Please report it.


    Actually, if it's a part of a discussion about eating cake, the emphasis on "tu" could be quite appropriate. Anyway, it is definitely correct to use "tu", even if not necessary.


    What about fette? I learned it this way! It is outrageous that it does not count.


    Pezzo = piece, fetta = slice. They're close enough, and both accepted: if you submitted a report, the only one close to the time of your post was for "Quanti fette di torta mangi" which is obviously wrong.


    In case it is not obvious to someone why "Quanti fette di torta mangi?" is wrong, "quanti" is masculine plural and does not agree with"fette", feminine plural. "quante" should be used instead, so the correct would be "Quante fette di torta mangi?" .


    Using fetters here is wrong because the question asked for pieces of cake, not slices of cake.


    Why can't it be ''Quante pezze''.Anyone here to explain?


    Pezzo is the singular word of piece The plural is pezzi not pezze. With pezzi we use Quanti not Quante


    Why is "Mangi quanti pezzi di torta" marked wrong?


    It is also correct. You could report it.

    Anyway, whenever using Duolingo, remember that each correct answer of each exercise is manually inserted and therefore the most literal translations are more likely to be accepted, unless they sound very odd. Changing word order without a good reason (eg emphasis) and using synonyms are prone to rejection.


    I was marked wrong as well in Jan 2020


    Why is the lei gorm not right DL does not tell you it is tu form when they stare with TU you know it is the TU form but otherwise how do you tell lei should be accepted


    If I understood right, you are saying that the 3rd singular person conjugation (used to express a formal "you") should be accepted here. That's right. "Quanti pezzi di torta mangia?" is a correct translation of the English sentence.


    Tu mangi is marked wrong !!!!


    They are not consistant are they


    "Quanti pezzi di torta tu mangi" is incorrect?! C'mon Duolingo!


    I got it wrong by using plural form for cake 'torte' in the answer. Rookie mistake, as it's pieceS of cakE.


    Secondo me anche la parola"dolce" per "cake" dovrebbe essere accettata


    Nonsense , I say tu mangi and it is considered wrong for the answer should be mangi THIS IS JUST NONSENSE!!!


    Last time I got it wrong for pezzi torta so I now write pezzi torte and its stll wrong... why?


    It is pieces OF cake, not cake pieces. Perhaps that is the problem


    why it is not accepted "Quanti pezzi di torta ti mangi?"


    Another discussion replied that the common syntex is "question word + verb + object" so would the following be correct? Quanti mangi pezzi di torta Thanks


    Quando mangi pezzi di torta, i really thought this would be correct, isn't it?


    quando means when, quanto means how much, quanti means how many

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