"Why are you looking for that horse?"

Translation:Proč hledáte toho koně?

August 13, 2018

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Couldn't you also say "Proč hledáš", assuming a singular "you"? This was marked as being wrong.


"Proč hledáš toho koně" is among the acceptable translations. Maybe there was something else in your answer that Duo didn't like. That's why it's helpful if we copy/paste our complete answers into our comments.


I also had hledáš marked wrong. Here is my answer copied and pasted. Proč hledáš toho koně?


Hmmm.... this is odd. Will need to be researched.

UPDATE ----- This is an intermittent grading bug affecting multiple courses. Duolingo staff are working to identify the cause and find a solution. Contributor teams cannot do anything to resolve the problem directly, apart from confirming that a rejected translation should be accepted.


When i google translate horse/ horses i get kun/kone yet putting down kun is wrong here. I am so confused why i can never guess which is right since i cant figure out the rule.


You've got to understand the function in the sentence. 'kůň' is nominative case, and is used for the subject of a sentence: 'Ten kůň je velký'.

In the sentence for this exercise, 'vy' (in the formal or plural form in the preferred translation) is the subject of the sentence, not stated but implied by the conjugation of the verb, 'hledáte'; that horse is what you are looking for and is in the accusative case (hledat takes objects in the accusative). Hence, toho koně.


On dict.cc it says koné is feminine so why is it toho?


koné is not a Czech word and there is nothing like that in your link either, try linking something more specific.

koně is the accusative case of kůň

If you want a decent online Czech<>English dictionary with some decent vocabulary, try https://slovnik.seznam.cz. I use it myself.

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