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Ok, so I'm trying to learn the main languages of World War 1 (I have an unhealthy obsession with it) and so I'm learning German, Russian, French, and I already know English. But Russian! I literally cannot pronounce 90% of the words! Anyone got some tips to help me? Also, does anyone else wanna talk about WW1 with me?

5 months ago

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The Pushkin Institute ( have an awesome Phonetics course as the first part of their A1 course -- they seem to be changing the UI today or doing something else with it so the site is up and down a lot (the old UI was glitchy and a new one was due in early August so I think we are about to see it...).

Once it stabilizes, take a look at it - it will walk you through the phonetics including numerous exercises and the ability to hear a phrase/record yourself saying it and show you where you differ (it required Flash for that, I am not sure what the new version will require).

5 months ago

Sorry... I'm into WW2... (Just keep repeating the words until you sound like the person saying it.)

5 months ago
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Hello. What kind of tips you need? I am russian

5 months ago

I'm struggling with russian pronunciation too, you have to listen to russian podcast or radio and just train your hears Sorry I'm more into WW2 too

5 months ago

Boo to you WW2 people (Just kidding). But it does annoy me when everything is about WW2 and nothing about WW1 :/ @ElijahFromIngria, Just pronunciation in general. My mom's from Latvia, so she can speak some Russian, but even with her helping me, I just can't get the hang of it. I also have a chart to help me with pronunciations, but the main problem is, my brain pronounces the letters like English letters, and those that are not similar to English are just ignored. For example, велосипед is prounounced as Berocnnea in my mind :/

5 months ago
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