"He is walking on the road."

Translation:वह सड़क पर चल रहा है ।

August 13, 2018

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I got this sentence in a "choose the correct sentence" question along with "यह सड़क पर चल रहा है". I chose the one with "वह", and this was correct, but this means that the sentence starting with यह is wrong, right? However, both यह and वह are third-person pronouns, so there should be no difference except that यह means "close" and वह - "far". Is this other sentence just as correct, or am I missing something?


You're not missing anything. The mods wrote somewhere that they are using the convention that 'he' or 'she' are assumed to be far away, just to be consistent. But यह सड़क पर चल रहा है is also perfectly fine if 'he' is nearby.


what is the difference between पे and पर?


the ask to type in hindi, I do not have a hindi keyboard how can I type in hindi, someone can help me please.


If you have an android there is a setting sign on your key board touch that and you will have to choose the language

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