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  5. "जूलिया एक बच्ची है ।"

"जूलिया एक बच्ची है "

Translation:Julia is a child.

August 13, 2018



Would using बच्चा be correct?


Only if Julia is a boy, as far as I'm aware.


Can we omit 'ek' and just say 'Julia bacci hai"? Is it necessary to include 'ek"?


Yes, that's quite common in colloquial Hindi around me. "Ek" literally translates as "one", it's probably mainly being used here to clarify between singular & plural for learning purposes.


I am guessing that the answer to that is - Can we say "Julia is child" in English.


Julia is child seems wrong in English to me. I think you need the article "a".


Could this also mean ''Julia has a child''?


No, that would be जूलिया की बच्ची है (Julia's child is).


Actually this is one of the few Hindi sentences which seems wrong without an article.
We would say - जूलिया की एक बच्ची/बेटी है।

There is however one situation where your sentence could work. If a child is playing and someone asks you whose child that is - you could say
(वह) जूलिया की बच्ची है। It's/that's Julia's child.


the current translation as of jan 2020 is supposed to be "Translation:Julia is a child.", in which case what you are saying would be wrong .


I wrote "Julia is a female child" since bacci is clearly female while "child" in English is gender neutral


But female is never mentioned. I am not 100% sure why बच्ची has the ई ending, but I assume it has something to do with the fact that Julia is a female name and so it is assumed that the child (gender neutral form of child) is female. Since there is not a female/male conjugation for "child" in English, simply "child" is written.


I wrote "Julia is a girl" and got it wrong. Any reason?


Though child and girl wpuld be equivalent in this case, बच्ची literally defines to child and लड़की literally defines to girl.


Prime example of clear and open pronunciation of 'है' here; just came from another board for 'उनका घर भारत में है' where it was clearly pronounced 'हैं' and the difference is plain as day! I'm fairly convinced the other one needs changing - didn't have a report function for the audio either so I'm posting here too


As 'bachhi' denote girl child, - we may say it as ' Julia is a girl child'


Since there is no phrases like "to have" in Hindi, I wonder how to build a sentence like "Julia has a kid". Is it just like this one?


DennisLduolingo you are like duolingo waving picture


How about "Julia is a daughter?"


Because a child is a minor, whereas a daughter is of any age

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