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HELP! Classrooms not working properly.

I used Duolingo a lot with my students last year and they loved it. This year, I set up new classrooms for each class and shared the link to my google classroom via the share feature. When students followed this link (logged into google classroom on their chromebooks) and joined the class, it does not put them in my class roster and instead looks like it creates an account that is not related to my classroom. Those that it does put in my classroom, it does not show their name on my end but makes a long alphanumeric username for them. Any help!?

August 13, 2018



Hi Justin, There was an issue with our join-classroom links that was resolved yesterday at 6pm EST and sounds like it might be related to the problems you were having. Can you let me know if the problems are still occurring for users who visited the link after 6pm yesterday?



what about the kids that joined while this was a problem? I still don't know who they are.


I ran into both of these problems today with classes. The first three students to sign up in my morning class all had long alphanumeric names.

In my afternoon classes, when they clicked the link some of them ended up sorted into my classes and some not. All were prompted to create accounts, but only some ended up linked with my classes.


Today, see comment below.


I just watched a student log in to my class and she's not showing up on my class roster.

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