"उसका भाई भारत में रहता है।"

Translation:His brother lives in India.

August 13, 2018



The word 'Uska' in hindi means her/his/its. When clicked the word for meaning, it also showed he /she /it/that has.. So when is 'uska' used and when is 'vah/yah' used?

January 21, 2019


Why is Bharat wrong in English?

August 13, 2018


That's a big question with no easy answer. Many countries simply have different names in different languages because of complicated histories (China/Zhongguo, Japan/Nippon, Croatia/Hrvatska, etc.). A lot of Indian nationalists are against the word India, as they view it as imposed by the British Raj (although it has predates the British period).

August 13, 2018


So can I write Bharat in English and get it right? Will someone in charge amend the course?

August 14, 2018


But Bharat is not English. It's Hindi.

August 15, 2018


Simple answer: Because Bharat is not the common English-language name of the country.

September 19, 2018
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