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  5. "Which city is there?"

"Which city is there?"

Translation:वहाँ कौनसा शहर है?

August 13, 2018



Could we say कौनसा शहर वहाँ है?


I just remembered: Hindi doesn't like to start the sentence with a question word if it can be avoided, except for yes/no questions (they start with क्या).

Btw: this sentence doesn't have an Object.


I said in that order, was wrong.


Is it grammatically wrong to put the वहाँ at the end? It is colloquially accepted, I think.


I've also heard it in speech, but I think putting it at the beginning is more technically correct (because the language is usually S.O.V.).


In the given English, the subject is the (unknown) city, not the place 'there'. Like Maya in another comment, I wrote them in the other order, but it's not accepted, is that correct?


Not कौनसा, it should be कौन सा


Strange question. I can't imagine ever asking it in English unless you are literally standing pointing at a city in the distance from a mountain top and even then I'd say 'What city is that?' So, like many sentences on Duolingo, you have to remember their English formulation rather than the natural one to get the answer right when rendering it back into English. But I guess it's unreasonable to quibble when it's free and done by volunteers.


Imagine you're looking at a zoomed out map of Africa and I pointed to a relatively random spot and asked, "Which city is there?"

It'd make sense then, wouldn't it?!

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