"They did not drink tea."

Translation:उन्होंने चाय नहीं पी।

August 13, 2018

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Why can I not say पिया?


Ya same question...it should be peeya only


चाय is feminine.


Can someone explain why the ने form is used? It it something like a passive voice? The tea was not drunk by them? Why does the pronoun form change.


ने is for transitive verbs and turns the subject into oblique.

In Hindi, all transitive verbs in the perfect form (simple past, present perfect, and past perfect tenses) require a special construction called the ने construction.

In this construction:

  • the postposition ने must come right after the subject
  • the subject changes into oblique


What are transitive and intransitive verbs?

Transitive verbs are verbs which normally have a direct object. Some transitive verbs you know are: खाना (to eat), चलाना (to drive), ख़रीदना (to buy), etc.)

Intransitive verbs, on the other hand, never have a direct object. These include जाना (to go), आना (to come), होना (to be), etc.

Source: https://taj.oasis.unc.edu/Hindi.Less.15/grammar.html


why उन्होंने and not वहने? does वहने even exist at all??


Same reason why the plural in English is feet and not foots! In the above case, it's a pronoun one! वह ने never exists and it is always उस ने only. Similarly for the past tense of वे, it is उन्होंने only and never वे ने.

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    Piya pi please explain


    "piya" is used for masculine nouns( if the drink is masculine);

    "pi" is for feminine noun(for example:tea)


    "Unhoney chai nahin piya" should also be accepted as correct

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