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"Essa televisão tem vinte novos canais."

Translation:That television has twenty new channels.

March 29, 2013



Honestly, I'm starting to feel a rush of fear every time I see a new sentence with "esse/essa" in it, because it is absolutely impossible to tell what answer Duolingo wants and I keep losing hearts (and having to start lessons over repeatedly). Someone should just go through and make every single sentence accept either "this" or "that" as a response, because divorced of context (which all these sentences are!) I don't see how either could be wrong?

(Although, if there ARE any situations where it's not ambiguous, I'd love to hear! Duolingo is just teaching me that outside of Europe it can mean either :P)


I know that feeling! If you follow this rule, you will be free of insecurity and fear. 'That' = isso, esse, essa, aquele, aquela & 'This' = Esta, Este, Isto. Good luck :)


From what I can gather, even though esse/essa means "this", the website almost always has it as "that". In this site, "this" is written as este/esta.


DL is correct. Este/Esta is "this".

From what I have read, in daily conversations Brazilians almost always use "esse/essa" (ignoring the "this/that" distinction).

Can Paul or Dan confirm this?

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