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"eight, six, seven, five, three, zero, nine."

Translation:chorgh, jav, Soch, vagh, wej, pagh, Hut.

August 13, 2018



Am I the only one who actually called this number over the years hoping to get somebody but it was not an active number predictably? If they would let me, I would have this number. What can I say, I have a character deficit of liking to invite trouble. My voicemail would say, "For a good time, leave a message".


P.S. I just noticed that Michael.Lubetsky looks a little like Rick Springfield. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Can I call you for a good time? I am gonna give you endless sh*t about this at qepHom.


I may have tried calling it once or twice back in 1982-'83, when the song was still hugely popular. I never got through to anyone in my area code, though, and I didn't try any others (long distance was still very expensive back then, before cell phones changed all that!).

I do remember reading about people who actually had this number, though, and had to get it changed due to the incessant calling, day and night, by people like you. ;-) (Changing your number was a lot more troublesome back then, too...)


Did the song kill the name Jenny? I went to school with a Jenny. Now everybody is Jennifer or Jen but never Jenny.

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