"Neha is not feeling cold."

Translation:नेहा को ठंड नहीं लग रही है।

August 13, 2018

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Please, for the benefit of all, could there be intelligent comments. Derogatory comments are so disheartening. Regardless of our dislikes for this course not to be 100% to our satisfaction, Duo should be complimented for giving us this opportunity to learn new languages. Thank you Duo


I do agree with you. Congratulations to duo


I agree with you hats off to duo


Agreed. This is a wonderful app for the price. If you do think it is helpful, then either pay for a course that better suits your needs or find a more enjoyable hobby.


Yes Duolingo is a wonderful app, sure we all share this feeling. Did i miss something ? I only see intelligent comments here.

Unfortunately it is not the same in the hindi to english duolingo course, where the comment section is full of "hello". Maybe because only hindi kids are not fluent in english and have to learn it.


There are some comments that have been deleted by moderation. Although, they did remain here for a long time. Throughout the forums you see people complaining and making derogatory remarks. It's not the people saying "hello" that they're talking about.


Why must को be used here?


It's just a quirk of Hindi that feeling (लगना) happens TO someone. मुझे लगता है कि आज गरम होगा: I feel that today will be hot. Notice we use मुझे and not मैं, implying 'to me'.


I have been struggling with the use of को also, and this helps. As with है at the end of some sentences, I have not figured out when and why it is used (or not). This helps.

And YES - Duolingo is AWESOME and I am so grateful for it; this discussion forum is the best!!


I wonder who is the subject of this sentence. It seems to be Neha (rahi hai) but the "ko" suggest that Neha is datif, then not the subject. Or maybe "tend" is a feminine word and the subject of the sentence ?


The subject is 'cold', which is feminine


why को before ठंड but not before गर्मी !?


को is not there for ठंड, it is there for नेहा. Whether Neha is hot or cold, the sentence structure would be the same.


you are right. my question was wrong


We should not fear making mistakes or feel badly when we do, as they are a very important part of learning.


why रही है? why not "raha hain"?


Because Neha is a woman/girl. रहा is for boys/men


I thought a negative meant no rahi? nahi rahi is weird


No is English and Spanish, but not Hindi. The word in Hindi is नहीं


हा कियुकी नेहा स्टाइल झड़ना चहती है! Lol that's what they say

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