Golden Skill stuck at 75% Strength

Hi Ya'll,

I've been using to help me know which skills I need to review. I took a long break, so getting back into it, it's been helpful to keep track of re-strengthened skills as I work my way down the new Esperanto tree. Screenshot here:

My only five-crown skill is "Introducing Yourself" in Esperanto. No matter how many times I practice it, it looks like I can't get it to 100% strength.

Even looking at it through my profile's raw JSON data, it's stuck at 66.667%. After reviewing the data, I practiced the skill a couple of times, and the dial didn't move. I took a screenshot here:

Am I doing something wrong? How can I get it full strength?

August 13, 2018


The EN-Esperanto 2.0 tree update "corrupted" your extended user profile and some old variables (which have been used before the crown level system).

You might be able to fix the L1-L4 skills (if you are lucky).

Their current system is not really aware of tree updates and does not play very well together.

As SR is kinda suspended (at least officially for the first crown rollout code in April 2018) and was removed from the "crown overlay" UI and is only inofficially available on, you can put your both hands into fire that not any programmer or functional tester had enough / very much time to:

  • test tree updates with crowns
  • new A/B skill crown level test-out feature (early BETA draft) with tree updates and any resetted variables in your extended user profile
  • locked trees and converted skills with tree updates since the crown update (some users had the problem that grey skills suddenly did not unlock anymore because of old converted skills; this is 99% not fixable anymore since end of June 2018!)

A more detail explanation about the background before and after June 2018:$comment_id=28442229

August 14, 2018

Have you been using the Practice button? It seems that it has no effect on strengthening skills anymore. Or maybe it is just a glitch, some one word that actually appears in one of the lessons you have to go through and once you do it, the skill will get 100%?

August 14, 2018

No, I click on the skill itself from the tree to start the practice.

I’ve seen just about everything that skill has to offer at least 10 times now.

I wonder if perhaps there is a word(s) that were only accessible pre-gold. Now that i’m gold, I’m never hitting those earlier, easier words? Just a hypothesis.

August 14, 2018

Am I doing something wrong?

No, it's a bug in Duolingo.
You might read the explanation in
"09.07.2018 · The Small Red Dot Demystified"

August 14, 2018

I would like to re-phrase this a little bit.

No, it is not really a bug per se.

Tree updates had been resetting the lesson variables even before the crowns introduction and before 06/2018.

The skill lesson RESET was well working in the first 1-3 weeks of June!!

The problem we have now is just that the Duolingo programmer team removed their old "lesson test-out" feature (from the old strength system) and replaced it since end of June 2018 with the very new "A/B skill crown level test-out" feature.

Unfortunately, the newer (let's call it BETA, non-tested) code was not programmed to handle "missing_lessons" and "num_missing" variables or RESETS (to 0) once you have achieved the maximum crown level L5.

We are not allowed to:

  • reset skills manually to L0
  • lower skills from crown levels L3-L5 to L1-L2
  • re-test a skill on the same crown level (e.g L1, L5)

Maybe it would have been better to introduce the NEW A/B crown feature not under the (old) "/test" skill URL and leave the old code untouched for a while but introduce it on a separate skill URL e.g "/crown_level_test".

With the removage of the old "/test" code programmers corrupted - with all the ongoing tree updates - their own extended user profile variable system!

I hope they can fix and re-engineer their new BETA feature with the above requirements.

It hopefully shouldn't be too difficult to copy over some of the old (working, lesson resetting) code lines to their new module code ;)

Or...they need to completely re-engineer the tree update code which probably is even more difficult to time...

August 14, 2018

Thank you for the explanation, Thomas. I think an individual skill reset would help with navigating another bug that a few of us have found. I was working through the tree, unlocked the next level and found that one of the skills was already marked as being at level 4, despite never having done a lesson from that skill. It turns out other people have found out that the crown level of Adverbs 3 on that course is linked to the crown level progress of Adverbs 2.

A skill reset would allow me to start this skill from the beginning (even if it reset both skills I would be fine with that and just test out of each level on the old skill as I progressed through the new skill).

Of course, fixing bugs is preferable but it would be good to give us a way of getting around them in the absence of a fix.

January 1, 2019

No, it is not really a bug per se.

Thanks for the explanation Thomas. However, I have to tell your explanation in one short sentence.

Next time, I am going to use this text
"It's an issue caused by the Duolingo programmer team"

August 14, 2018

No, I like the long explanation. If the person asking the question is pulling their raw JSON profile data, the long explanation is just great!

August 14, 2018

Not everybody is interested in long explanations. That's why I proposed Thomas a short alternate text for my text "It's a bug in Duolingo".
Of course, I will also give the link to Thomas' extended explanations.

August 14, 2018

I understand the red dot. The issue is I cannot get the strength from 75% -> 100%, no matter how many times I practice the skill.

August 14, 2018

Please submit a bug report here: and include the link to this thread.

August 15, 2018

Thank you. I submitted a bug report and included a link to this thread. I have the same problem in the German Tree for the Accusative case.

February 25, 2019

I did a little more digging. I found that for the Introducing Yourself there's a Lexeme that I don't have access to.

At this link you can see the lexeme stats for 'Introducing Yourself' and 'Numbers.' I've gotten Numbers up to 100%, but despite more practicing, Introducing Yourself is still at 66%.

I wonder if perhaps doing the general 'Practice' button might uncover some missing lexemes. Or if perhaps the missing lexeme will show up in skills further down the tree. I'm not sure. Any advice is welcome!

August 14, 2018

I found that for the Introducing Yourself there's a Lexeme that I don't have access to.

This converted skill will stay corrupt for you until you can re-learn ALL missing words of the skill lesson by lesson.

You would need to reset the JSON variable "num_missing" to 0 once you have re-learned or re-tested out ALL words.

I understand the red dot.

No, obviously you don't completely understand yet :-)

The issue is I cannot get the strength from 75% -> 100%, no matter how many times I practice the skill.

Yes, this should be obvious with their broken JSON data, resetted lessons and missing words (x of max number of lexemes missing) that their old strength algorithm can not work anymore for broken skills.

As I tried to explain here$comment_id=28442229 this won't be functioning for you until Duolingo re-engineers their new test-out code.

They just need to bring back parts of their old (but very effectively working) "lesson test-out" code from the beginning of June 2018.

I wonder if perhaps doing the general 'Practice' button might uncover some missing lexemes

No, the practice button will not fix that.

Answer: Lesson by lesson which would only be possible on crown level L0 (purple color skills) or maybe also fixes the issue on L1-L4, but obviously can't do that on L5.

You can up-vote this thread "How do I reset specific skills (crowns)?":

Either a skill reset or a fixed "lesson test-out" (both features missing) would perfectly solve all your current issues.

August 15, 2018

Me too. I’ve had four or five four-crown skills in my Spanish tree stuck at 75% for awhile. Today I tested out of this level in Memories and now it is golden... and 75%. Finally prompted me to see if this was just me. Guess not. Bug submitted.

March 16, 2019

I'm up to twelve in Spanish and nine in Portuguese (and a few others) doing this now. I'm sure it can't be a coincidence that all of my golden skills (all Portuguese) are showing this behaviour. (And not just 4s & 5s; I've got some 2s & 3s doing this).

March 19, 2019
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