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  5. "É completamente brilhante."

"É completamente brilhante."

Translation:It is completely brilliant.

March 29, 2013



What does "It's completely brilliant" mean? And how would you say "absolutely brilliant" then?


Its used, for example, to refer to the sunshine. Or when something is simply astonishing/outstanding. "Absolutely brilliant" would be absolutamente brilhante, but they are synonymus.


So in Portuguese it's not used like the one in English, for instance, "it's absolutely brilliant idea", meaning perfect/smart, or it can be?


Yeah.. we can use...


But Pros is right. We would not say "completely brilliant." the word in English is more literal. We would say absolutely to modify brilliant for this meaning.


Why can't I translate it as "He is completely brilliant"? With the meaning "he is amazing" or something like that.


It's only that idiomatically we do not use the two words together. Maybe it's because logically brilliance can not be complete or incomplete, only more or less intense. So metaphorically we would use "absolutely" (by far the most common pairing) or maybe "perfectly brilliant" or "totally brilliant," which would mean "brilliant in every respect."

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