Does anyone know of any online websites I could use to read Korean children's books?

I needed to start at least trying to try reading because I heard from some Korean speakers that also studied to learn Korean, "the more you start to read it even though you only understand a few words your brain will just start to understand it".

August 14, 2018


I found this page a while ago, it has 7 Korean Children's books to download. Granted there are not very many books and they aren't the greatest quality, but it's a start.

Korean sites:

These are Korean sites you can find children's video stories on. If you're a beginner like me, navigating these sites can be quite a "trick" as everything on them is in Korean. I'll give detailed directions how to get to the books, but when in doubt, Copy and paste into

(help with corrections on any of my translations would be much appreciated!)

채널예스 (Channel Yes) The short video stories on this site don't have text/subtitles, but that gives much needed listening comprehension practice! From this page, you can browse through the many stories, or scroll down just a little to the sections bar that reads: "전체 | 창작 | 전래 | 명작 | 생활" (전체=all, 창작=created 전래=traditional 명작=classic 생활=life) click a genre, then on the picture of a story that interests you (or 동화보기 under it).

쥬니어 네이버 (Junior Naver) A few of the stories on this colorful website have subtitles. All content on this site is free! Click one of the headers [ 인기동화(Popular) 생활동화(Life) 명작동화(Classic) 전래동화(Traditional stories) 이솝우화(Aesop's Fables) 창작동화(Created stories) 학습동화(Learing stories) 영어동화(English stories) 읽어주는 동화(Reading stories)], on a recommended story, or find a story in the 신규(New) or 인기(Popular) sections. Click a picture and start watching.

Naver Web cartoons This one's a little different, it's Webtoons(웹툰)! Read a 'new story'(이달의 신규 웹툰) or look through thumbnails to find a comic that seems fascinating. After selecting one, it will give you a brief description and a list of its episodes, I suggest starting with the first by clicking 첫화보기(First Episode). To go to the next story, at the bottom right corner of the screen there's a nifty little remote (리모컨) to type in a specific edition, or click "Next Story"(다음화) at the top right.

Oh, and here's a duolingo discussion on this very topic:

I hope this helped, sorry I got so long winded. I look forward to reading others' suggestions as well! ^_^

August 15, 2018

I never tried this website before but I think it will be helpful. There some books that you can only preview though.

August 14, 2018

My parents are native South Korean speakers so I have a lot of books. Online, I am not sure but you can there are many audio books I have heard that are Korean.

August 14, 2018

I was just like you before, tried to find fairy tales story over internet, but actually you can try to read korean newspapers. Look for the articles that you interest on, eg: make up, travel, K-pop etc. using Naver dictionary at the same time and take note. that's it.

August 15, 2018

i suggest you read webtoon. it's a website for reading comics. you learn and it's fun too. good luck! 파이팅

August 15, 2018

Not a website, but check out Beelingualapp for Android and iPhone. There are children's books with both audio and side-by-side translations in Korean and English.

September 29, 2018
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