"V červnu tady jsou dlouhé dny."

Translation:In June, the days are long here.

August 14, 2018

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"In june the days here are long" seems acceptable.


"the" days seems unnecessary.


Alternative translations without "the" have been added.


Do you have to put the in front of days in this phrase?


If you read this discussion you can find the answer (no).


Is the comma really needed here?


If you just left the comma out of your answer, Duo should not have rejected it, as punctuation is normally ignored. Did you use the Report button? If not, we cannot tell you what might have been wrong with your answer.


About good spelling? I think the comma is really needed here. Only if "In June" is at the end of the sentence, there is no comma. If I am wrong, I also ask for an explanation. Thanks.


"here in June the days are long" should be accepted..


To my native AmE ear. "Here in June the days are long..." sounds very odd.

Specifically, It is the combination of "here" and "in June" that sounds odd; I expect "here" to be followed by a place name, not by a month name -- like, for example, "Here in Australia, the days are long now." I would not recommend adding the proposed word order.


I get that different regions don't always speak the same way, but as a native english english speaker, it sounds fine to me..


Use the report button to indicate what should be accepted.


Wow! It works now? I have not registered this information yet. And is there already a "supervisor" for CZ<->EN courses?


It has been working in the mobile apps all the time, it has some temporary problem on the web.

Yes, the new contractors were selected but did not start their work yet. I cannot comment on their identity.


where do i find the report button? there is one under each comment and thread, but they seem to be to report spam etc..


Under the task. But it has not worked on the web for a long time.


The button appears every time yo get your answer wrong and says "My answer should have been accepted". Use it to report missing translations. Currently, only the reports from the mobile app might be arriving, though.


I said "There are long days here in June" and it was marked wrong. Is there a reason why this is not accepted? (It sounds fine to me as a native speaker of English.) To me it seems to capture "dlouhé dny" better.


Since I am native AmE, this is a speculation on the word order, not a direct answer to your question.

If we go with the idea that whatever is at the end of the Czech sentence is usually its focus/the new information, the spotlight might be on the length of the days in a particular month. In your suggested English sentence, the spotlight feels like it's on the month in which the days are long.

If this "analysis" is worth anything, that may be why your answer was rejected. And if it's not worth anything, someone may point out where I've gone wrong and add your sentence. :-)


I just wanna know, if "the days of june...." and "the days in june...." would 've been accepted? Thx

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