"Mio padre è il pescatore con la maglia rossa."

Translation:My father is the fisherman with the red shirt.

March 29, 2013



I am sorry but where i come form jumper and sweater are the same thing

April 21, 2013


Same here, also jersey (particularly fir a fisherman )

April 10, 2018


"Jersey" not accepted. Reported 26 May 2018.

May 26, 2018


I've been marked wrong many times for using maglia for "sweater" - Duo wants "maglione" for that. Usually, "jersey" works, but not this time.

May 26, 2018



May 8, 2014


I was asked to hear it in Italian and type it in Italian. I did get it right, but realized at the end how scared I was because I could lose my heart if I couldn't tell the difference between rossa and rosa (red and pink). It was then that I realized I really don't know the difference!

Could someone explain the difference in the way rossa and rosa sound ... and I am wondering if it would be helpful for us if duoLingo would consider adding a sentence with both e.g. I have a red shirt and pink pants ...

January 28, 2014


Rossa sounds as you spell it, and Rosa sounds like roza. I believe this is the case for for s Vs. ss, but i'm not a nativ..

February 25, 2014


When the "s" is between two vowels, it has a "z" sound ^^

February 26, 2014


Also, I think when it's "rossa" its kind of pronounced "ros-sa", with the 's' being heard in both syllables, whereas rosa is more 'ro-sa' (where the 's' is only heard on the second syllable'? That's what I've heard? I think the 'z' sound thing is more reliable though

November 14, 2014


You say not to confuse sweater and jersey but they are both knit and are sometimes exactly the same.

March 29, 2013


Lately, the kind of definitions Duo has been allowing for maglia do not include "sweater" (maglione in Duo's database), but has included shirt and jersey. A jersey in the US doesn't have to be a knit fabric, and usually isn't, but it is usually a heavier fabric, not a summer weight, but more like 3-4 times the weight of T-shirt fabric. Heavy-duty weave material, but it could include a tightly-knit fabric less weighty than a sweater.

May 26, 2018


A sweater is not the same as a shirt :L Bit confusing that it means both. Is "maglia" more of a general term for any kind of torso-covering, like the English "top"?

December 16, 2015


"My father is the fisherman with the red jersey" Not accepted. Reported 26 May 2018.

"Jersey" has been accepted many times for "maglia", so this surprises me.

Makes me wonder about who wrote the code for this. There should be a database for words, so that you don't have to re-enter the same thing every exercise. If this isn't true, then Duo is wasting a lot of time re-entering stuff that should already be there.

So, I don't get it It really sounds like the Duolingo software is extremely cludgy.

May 26, 2018


Both "mio padre" and "il mio padre" are grammatically correct in Italian, why was my answer not accepted? I misheard something but it was a minor error which did not compromise the "correctness" of the sentence.

March 30, 2014


when the possessed noun is a specific family relative the article is dropped

May 1, 2014


because the purpose of these type of ?s is to practice hearing italian more than to practice grammar

May 20, 2014


Obviously, a follower of Garibaldi

July 19, 2014


Can someone pleeeease tell me how to stop the "type what you hear" lessons. they drive me crazy . ive looked through all the settings and i can only get rid of it on mobile but not on laptop. only getting rid of sound rids of it but i want to still hear the pronunciation of words without the "type what you hear" lessons

September 8, 2014


Try settings, and turn off "speakers"

May 26, 2018


I just missed the "the", da[[]]t

February 22, 2016


I had he exercise of tapping the English words in order. Whilst this was easy, it's poor form to be teaching the word 'shirt' to be 'camicia' in one exercise then 'maglia' in another. There are too many variations on vocabulary and after looking up the translation, 'maglia' isn't even a shirt anyway...

June 28, 2018


I thought this was a jersey

August 18, 2018


In the Giro d'Italia, Italy's version of the Tour De France, the person in the GC lead wears a maglia rosa (pink jersey). Cyclist wear jerseys not shirts!

September 21, 2018


non è giusto : "colla maglia"?

December 28, 2018


I thought shirt was camicia why now it's changed to jacket.

February 7, 2019


Maglia is not a sweater?

April 11, 2019
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