"Mio padre è il pescatore con la maglia rossa."

Translation:My father is the fisherman with the red jersey.

March 29, 2013

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I am sorry but where i come form jumper and sweater are the same thing


Same here, also jersey (particularly fir a fisherman )


In the Giro d'Italia, Italy's version of the Tour De France, the person in the GC lead wears a maglia rosa (pink jersey). Cyclist wear jerseys not shirts!


I was asked to hear it in Italian and type it in Italian. I did get it right, but realized at the end how scared I was because I could lose my heart if I couldn't tell the difference between rossa and rosa (red and pink). It was then that I realized I really don't know the difference!

Could someone explain the difference in the way rossa and rosa sound ... and I am wondering if it would be helpful for us if duoLingo would consider adding a sentence with both e.g. I have a red shirt and pink pants ...


Rossa sounds as you spell it, and Rosa sounds like roza. I believe this is the case for for s Vs. ss, but i'm not a nativ..


When the "s" is between two vowels, it has a "z" sound ^^


Also, I think when it's "rossa" its kind of pronounced "ros-sa", with the 's' being heard in both syllables, whereas rosa is more 'ro-sa' (where the 's' is only heard on the second syllable'? That's what I've heard? I think the 'z' sound thing is more reliable though


You say not to confuse sweater and jersey but they are both knit and are sometimes exactly the same.


non è giusto : "colla maglia"?


I wonder too.


A sweater is not the same as a shirt :L Bit confusing that it means both. Is "maglia" more of a general term for any kind of torso-covering, like the English "top"?


I thought shirt was camicia why now it's changed to jacket.


Back to maglia is shirt yet again. A few lessons ago shirt was camicia. Consistency is surely a basic requirement for a tequila.


How come i used jersey for maglia and was accepted; now is rejected. Besides camicia has been used for shirt no maglia


Both "mio padre" and "il mio padre" are grammatically correct in Italian, why was my answer not accepted? I misheard something but it was a minor error which did not compromise the "correctness" of the sentence.


when the possessed noun is a specific family relative the article is dropped


because the purpose of these type of ?s is to practice hearing italian more than to practice grammar


Obviously, a follower of Garibaldi


I thought this was a jersey


Maglia is not a sweater?


I put jumper, which is a sweater as in la sua prima maglia rosa, but it was a shirt this time.


I put "My father is the fisherman in the red sweater" and it was marked wrong. Even though sweater was one of the choices in the drop down. I thought "shirt" was "camicia". So confusing.


Jersey is marked incorrect. This app needs help!


Why not accept jersey for maglia??


I scrolled through a lot of the old discussion when this happened to me.

Apparently what is envisaged is a polo shirt - ie knitted, with a soft collar.

But good luck getting that past the owl either!


why is "colla maglia" not accepted? it's correct.


This is what I came to the discussion to find out, but everyone seems more obsessed with the word "maglia." I guess I'll be left wondering.


It's hard to tell from the pronounciation, whether what is being said is rossa or rosa!


Can someone pleeeease tell me how to stop the "type what you hear" lessons. they drive me crazy . ive looked through all the settings and i can only get rid of it on mobile but not on laptop. only getting rid of sound rids of it but i want to still hear the pronunciation of words without the "type what you hear" lessons


I just missed the "the", da[[]]t


I had he exercise of tapping the English words in order. Whilst this was easy, it's poor form to be teaching the word 'shirt' to be 'camicia' in one exercise then 'maglia' in another. There are too many variations on vocabulary and after looking up the translation, 'maglia' isn't even a shirt anyway...


Jersey not accepted 2019.


some years after the original discussion jersey is still not accepted. it would be nice if someone fixed that


According to Collins, maglia can be a vest, as in undergarment, not as the US waistcoat, or a sporting jersey (or maglioni), and also means stitch/knitting. But shirt is not one of the options. Why does duolingo translate it as shirt -- which is not in any sense knitted, or mail, as in chain mail, something linked?


"My father is the fisherman with the red jersey" = WRONG? December 4th, 2019.


I see discussion about why jersey/sweater isn't accepted for 'maglia'.

I am sure that in earlier lessons 'maglia' was jersey. I take the point that 'translations aren't precise', but consistency is helpful when students are learning. If it is a software problem, it would be helpful if it was fixed. If different people are writing lessons, then a bit more consistency across their contributions would be welcome.

But in the meantime : shirt it will have to be. I daresay 'polo shirt' will also get a red mark :-(


Really not fair to be marked off for the use of rossa or rosa in this sentence.


Only in so far as 'rosa' means something else (pink). Otherwise it would have given it as a typo and let you move on, I expect.


In the Giro d'Italia la maglia rosa is the pink jersey NOT the pink shirt. Tut Tut Duo you really got that one wrong!


They changed person speaking. When this occured the speech is jumpy and hard to get exactly right.


The English translation is not how we commonly say this. We use the preposition 'in' rather than 'with'---- My father is the fisherman in the red shirt.


The important thing in Italian lessons is that you learn how the Italians say things.


My father is the fisherman with the red shirt - is not accepted. Why not?????


I seem to spend more time thinking which word to use (when really, none is wrong as they've ALL been marked right previously) than I do on the whole of the rest of the exercise. I invariably choose the wrong one but wonder how many pupils 'duo' loses because of these daily, frustrating inconsistencies?


What is wrong with this? 'with red shirt on'


where did this guy come from?


'with the red shirt means he has or is holding but not wearing ..in the red shirt is correct or wearing the red shirt but not with the red shirt


jersey not accepted 1/10/22


Maglia implies knitting, jumper/sweater/ jersey/pullover should all be accepted for maglia.


Duo initially taught me that maglia is a jersey/shirt and camicia is also a shirt. Now maglia means only shirt?


This is a classic example for why I no longer pay for Duolingo. After two years of this sort of stupidity I gave up and now use Duo only as a free morning warm-up. There are many better sites that actually teach you REAL Italian. I strongly suspect that the Italian Moderators (if there are any) don't check the forums.... but if by a miracle one does please see https://context.reverso.net/translation/italian-english/maglia#jersey. There are more that 3,700 results where "maglia" is used to describe "jersey." And I'm pretty sure that there are examples elsewhere in the Italian Duolingo site!!!! Duolingo's Tinycards had "maglia" linked to "jersey" (I have evidence from my Tinycards download!!!). So why is it not accepted here after some seven or eight years!!??

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