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Pronunciation question

Sometimes when the robots pronounces sentences, it sounds like it's leaving out particles, especially when the first vowel/sound of a word is the same as the last vowel/sound of the previous word.

Here's an example: "Eu tenho o texto" This sounds like "Eu tenho texto."

Do native Portuguese speakers do this? This can be very confusing.

March 29, 2013



I think in many languages people link the last letter and the first if they are the same (example: i dont know what to do) it's normal to us and we dont realize about that. Sou "eu tenho o livro" we link the sound. But i think if u click on "slower", the robot should read every single word. Plus, when the letter "o" is final, we pronounce it like "u" = / eu tenhu livru /


I think this is called connected speech. Like Paulenrique said, it's common in several languages when the last letter of a word and the first of the next are the same, or when they can be combined (like consonant + vowel).

But usually, there's a small difference in intonation (the o is more pronounced), although sometimes it can be hard even for native speakers to notice that. If you speak Korean, it's kinda like the difference in intonation between 샀어요? (what did you buy?) and 뭐 어요? (did you buy something?).


MAN...u speak korean?? wow!!!


Heh, not that much, I've only been studying for a few months, I didn't pass the survival skills stage yet. :)


whatever... thats astonishing! I just think I cant. I'll move on to german :)

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