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My Danish trip and why I decided to learn Danish!!!

Hej, Jeg hedder Noah! And this is my story on why I learned the amazing Scandinavian language home to Denmark!!

Last year in July my Family took a European Vacation to the Countries Iceland, Sweden, France, Germany, and Denmark! Denmark was where we would be staying the most since my Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins live there!! We were in the Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen!!

Day 1 in Denmark was about the best day of my life! On the first day we landed in CHP at about 9:00am Danish time! We landed got our stuff off the plane and walked out into a new country! Then we got all of our luggages we walked to the main square in the Airport and then suddenly I saw my Grandparents!! I was so excited and happy to see them cause I see them only once in a while! We talked a little bit on how the plane flight was and how we were doing! When all that ended! We headed out to get "en taxa" (a taxi)! Once we lured one over to us all eight of us got in and drove off to my grandparents apartment in Vanlose (sorry I can't write the accent marks on my computer)! Once we got there we unloaded our baggage out of the car and into the apartment! The apartment was a good sized and it was filled with "hygge"! Once every thing was unloaded we went to our bedroom and slept for 2 hours (our time zone is 9 hours behind Denmark). Once we woke up we were more comfortable with the time difference and more awake! That day we had to attend my Grandfather's Jazz performance (because it was Copenhagen's jazz festival). But before we went we explore a lot of danish sites like Nyhavn, Amalienborg, and one of Copenhagen's most biggest squares! Once we were done with all that we went to the jazz festival. We got there and the music was amazing, although when they stopped to introduce the players they spoke in danish so I didn't understand. They did this a lot and it was really nice to hear this wonderful language, but I still didn't understand! Half way through the most amazing thing happened to me! I finally met my Aunt Julia, and Uncle Jamil! My aunt Julia was just amazing and very funny! My uncle Jamil was great and better than I thought! We all talked for a while and they taught me works in Danish that I forgot! At the end of the day I went to sleep happy and ready for more times with my Danish Family!

Day 2: the second day I woke up, had breakfast and we went out to see more of the city with my Aunt Julia, 4 year old Cousin Sonia, and my Grandparents! Together we went to "The Round Tower", a Old part of town, and to like a bike park in the middle of Copenhagen! I fell in love with Sonia very quickly she is cute, funny, and just the definition of "elsker"! I spent my time around Sonia and tried to understand her when she was speaking Danish (she didn't speak english yet)! It was very hard and most of the time I needed a translation and then I would try to say something in Danish! It was a very good learning experience!

Day 7: I meet my other cousin Ella and she spoke English!! I learned a lot about her and she learned some stuff about me. It was really fun to be around her because we sang together and just talked! I love both of my cousins and my Aunt, and Uncle very much!

The reason why I'm learning Danish is so I can talk to my family in their native language! I love them very much and I also kinda want to go to University in Copenhagen, I think it will be a great experience to better my Danish and soak up that DK culture!

I would LOVE to hear why you learned Danish, I really look forward to reading your reasons why! Hej hej!! Don't forget to comment why you decided to learn Dansk!!!

August 14, 2018


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My love of Danish maybe started when I watched a police show on Netflix. It was in Danish. The main police inspector was Icelandic (I am also learning Icelandic as I will be taking a trip there in June - knowing Danish makes Icelandic easier.....) but everyone spoke Danish. It sounds so funny, like the Swedish Chef on Muppets. But it has really captured my heart. Also, after becoming interested in learning Danish I researched Denmark and Danish culture. Danish culture is so unique and they have so many unique dishes (foods) for such a small country. Tomorrow will be my 200th day learning Danish. I hope next to find a Community Tutor on iTalki to improve my speaking. It is true that because I speak German it is much easier to learn than if I didn't. I hope to one day spend several months in Denmark. A long time ago I spent a week in Denmark by myself. The landscape is interesting. But back then I was not interested in the language like I am now. Now I search out tv shows and news in Danish to help me to learn. Does anyone have good suggestions for websites to help with listening comprehension?

August 21, 2018


Hej, Denmark does have a really unique history, culture, and very good dishes!! Congrats on having your 200th day of learning danish, danish is a very interesting language full of soft d's and letters that aren't pronounced!! Also if you have netflix I believe that there is a danish series called "the rain" it is very good and I can understand a little bit of what they are saying! Well good luck on your danish journey!!

August 23, 2018

[deactivated user]

    Hej alle! Jeg heder Ouranos (not really - it's a screen name)! I just started Danish today! I know I'm gonna mix it up with German, the only other foreign language I've studied (jeg kommer fra amerika). I chose Danish as my first Nordic tongue because I love the music of the Danish band Sorten Muld & enjoyed hearing the language when watching the show 'Borgen'. I'm jealous - I've never been to Denmark before but I did go to a park that had a whole Danish windmill brought over to America (it also had a replica of a Norwegian wood church).

    August 18, 2018


    That's a really good reason! I really want to listen to Danish bands and watch Danish movies without subtitles! Are you going to learn any other Nordic Tongues? I think I might! Also where is that park with the Danish windmill, I would love to visit is!?

    August 18, 2018

    [deactivated user]

      Which do YOU want to learn? I might do Swedish or Finnish or Icelandic. Two of them scare me, but I think Duolingo could make them fun & easy, maybe. I plan on going slow - doing a few exercises at a time & probably won't be on Duolingo every day. I have started 3 other languages that don't show up by my name (cos they are Level 1 maybe?).

      August 18, 2018


      I might learn Norwegian or Swedish just because it will be fun to learn all the nordic Languages! But I would prefer Norwegian (sorry Sweden)!

      August 19, 2018


      Such a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing:) you're lucky to have some people that you can also practice the language with!

      I loved my trip to Copenhagen, and I felt an immediate connection to the city and country. I was actually shocked how sad I was when I had to leave, and I remain nostalgic for my trip years after. There are actually a few reasons why I want to learn Danish:

      • I've been a long time follower of Scandinavian design (Danish in particular) so there are a lot of design blogs and magazines that I hope to understand.

      • I'm a huge fan of Danish television and Nordic Noir (Broen er fantastisk!) and so it would be nice to understand . For example, there was actually a pivotal moment in the last episode of Broen where one character switches from speaking Swedish to Danish, and it actually adds a lot of dimension to the story when you can notice the difference. I was super proud to be able to make the distinction between the two languages and actually understand what she said.

      • I'd love to eventually do an internship there! Going back for an extended period of time and being able to immerse myself in the language & culture would be a dream come true.

      • I also know that Danish gets made fun of by other Scandinavian speakers for how it sounds, but I personally love how it sounds!

      August 20, 2018


      That sounds amazing! When I was in Copenhagen my family and I watched the Danish news and other Television shows! We had to watch with Subtitles and it was quite annoying! I learned I little danish from my family and the television!! Your trip sounded amazing as well, I was also very sad to leave Copenhagen, I was even close to crying because I had to leave a city I love surrounded by the People I love a million times more than anything! I would love to hear about the internship that you plan to do, that sounds the really fun and if you ever do it I would love to hear back from you! And Yes, danish does get made fun of and I think that it is kinda weird cause I find Danish a beautiful language!! Well good luck on your Danish Journey and I wish you the Best!!

      August 21, 2018


      I have no idea what kind of internship yet, but probably something relating to computer science! Maybe a software engineering internship of some sort. Or possibly an exchange where I just take some classes. There are some really great schools (I noticed you mentioned University of Copenhagen) but there is also DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) and Aarhus University all of which are fantastic programs to keep in mind. Thanks and best of luck with learning Danish too!

      August 22, 2018


      I plan on learning the languages of my (many) ancestries. My grandfather was from Copenhagen, making Danish perhaps the most prominent of them.

      Of the countries you mention I've only been to Iceland, but it was a life-changing experience. Glad you had fun!

      August 27, 2018


      Det er virkelig sej! Learning it because of ancestries is a great reason! Iceland was very fun for me too, just to look at all the history about vikings and churches and hot springs is so fun!

      September 1, 2018


      I am learning danish because of a friend i met on League Of Legends 3 years ago, and I also flew to denmark to visit him, was amazing :) I was actually starting to learn danish because i was annoyed when I heard him speaking with his friends/family in danish and i couldn't understand a thing. and that it how it all started.

      August 17, 2018


      Haha, my family in Denmark would speak in Danish too (selvfølgelig)! I really want to understand them and then surprise them when I speak something back to them! And by the way you sound like such a good friend, flying all the way to Denmark to see your friend!! Well, best of luck to you!! Held og lykke!!

      August 18, 2018


      I married a Dane, and lived in Copenhagen, i seen all the sights you mentioned there and glad you enjoyed it, i am learning the language because i am going to live in Denmark in the future permanently so i got to learn it, even though everyone speaks good English its always very handy to know what the natives are saying, you also need a decent level of Danish to get work too.

      Hej hej, and tak vises

      August 26, 2018


      Aww that's super sweet that you are moving to another Country to be with your beloved!! As you said many Danes speak very good English but still it is good that you are learning the language! When my Bedstefar moved to Copenhagen for my Bedstemor he tried to learning the language but he struggled because the Danes were being their normal nice and speaking English to him cause' it sounded like he was struggling! But just make sure to study, and keep pushing forward in your Danish!! Held og Lykke min ven!! Hej hej!

      September 1, 2018
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